Who Are
origins of cjm?

Our ethos

Origins of CJM formed its roots in 2021 and are based in London and has sprouted out of the ashes of a post covid and struggling economy. Although we focus on journalism and media, we also represent a diverse selection of models from all nationalities, ethnicities and ages, aspiring actors and singers and new raw talent.

We are committed to building strong and lasting relationships with both our clients and our talent and are very enthusiastic about what we do. We also take a rather unique approach with our talent and believe quality is better than quantity as we stand true to our close-knit connections and create a family nest with Origins Of CJM.

Our goal is not only to understand our talents needs to ensure that we nurture them to reach their full potential via building their image and increasing their credibility and book ability but to also ensure that we meet our clients’ expectations in what they are looking for in talent.

We focus on communication, journalism and media, this is broken down into further segments such as the press packages for artists and individuals wishing to raise their public image through an array of tools such as being featured on radio, magazines or on playlists.

Curating guests lists for events and booking talent for said event as well as promoting our own pool of models, singers and actors for jobs in the creative field. Another focus of the company is securing interviews with talent and promoting news worthy stories.  

Individuals are more gifted than you may think when given the right opportunity to shine. 

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