Noah Gee-Wing

Noah Gee-Wing, a fresh-faced model hailing from Bridgend, South Wales, is poised to make an impact in the fashion industry. At the heart of Noah’s appeal is his unparalleled ambition and versatility. He is not just a model; he is an illustrator, sculptor, and tattoo artist apprentice, the only tattoo artist he knows without any tattoos. Noah’s dream is to expand his tattoo work into clothing design, merging his love for body art with fashion to create unique, wearable pieces. Noah’s skills extend to the digital realm, where he is proficient in Adobe Graphic Design. One of his primary goals is to become an independent artist, relishing the freedom and autonomy of being his own boss. This drive for independence fuels his creative endeavors and entrepreneurial spirit.

Musical Journey

In addition to his artistic talents, Noah is a musician. He is a vocalist for the band Flute, known for his distinct acoustic and raspy tone. This musical background adds depth to his modelling career, giving him a unique stage presence and an understanding of performance that translates beautifully in front of the camera.

Emerging Modelling Career

Although Noah is new to the modelling scene, he has already made a debut at the Cardiff Street Fashion Show. He is driven by a relentless pursuit of opportunities, embodying the quote “Execution is key” by Rick Owens. 

Hobbies and Inspirations

Noah’s hobbies are as diverse as his talents. He loves cooking and gardening, activities he shares with his grandfather, who is a massive inspiration in his life. Noah has also ventured into creative direction, further showcasing his skills. He feels most empowered when surrounded by positive, supportive people, drawing strength and inspiration from these interactions. Noah also enjoys staying active and fit through skateboarding, mastering tricks like backside flips and kickflips. In his spare time he likes playing basketball and includes calisthenics workouts in his routine to maintain his physical condition.

Cultural Heritage and Style

Noah’s rich heritage—Chinese, Italian, and Welsh—adds to his charm. His great-grandfather emigrated from Guangzhou, bringing a rich cultural background that Noah proudly represents. His individual style is a fusion of high fashion and workwear, reflecting his eclectic background and innovative approach to fashion.

Overcoming Challenges And Being A Model With Depth

Living with ADHD and Asperger’s Syndrome, and having overcome obstacles, Noah’s zest for life and determination are truly inspiring. He describes himself as outgoing, ambitious, executive, and directive, qualities that drive him forward in both his career and personal life. Noah Gee-Wing is not just a model; he is a creative force and a symbol of resilience. Keep an eye out as he continues to break boundaries and redefine what it means to be a model in the modern era.


HEIGHT – 6’2.5 (189 CM)
WAIST – 30 
CHEST – 41
COLLAR – 15 
SHOE – 10/11 UK



Noah Gee-Wing DIGITALS