5 Ways Of Attracting Baby Boomers To Your Events

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Baby Boomers are individuals born in the late 1940s to the mid 1960s and they are one of the largest generations currently living. Besides them making up the largest group, they have often been considered as a demographic group that have had good lives with an array of disposable income due to their spending habits. Unfortunately they experience much ageism and are often excluded from societal events and promotional campaigns due to fear of poor image placement. Knowing these important facts of this group of personnel, event managers should highly consider ways in which they can attract this target audience, meet their demographics needs and wants and change the stigma associated with them. Here are a few factors to consider when attracting Baby Boomers.

Music Was Better When We Were Young – Reason 5

Starting off at number 5 we have appealing to consumer past memoir with the introduction of reliving the past through bringing music into establishments from the likes of Elvis Presley, The Beatles and Jimmy Hendrix. Further to this if an event manager was to host a fashion show, they may consider inviting the likes of a notable figure such as Twiggy or even make it a themed event to pay homage to a previous decade such as the 60s and subculture groups such as the Mods. Of course, if a home cinema is on the manager’s agenda they may wish to look at feature films that starred Hollywood greats such as James Dean and Marlon Brando.

Baby Boomers love Marlon Brando

Understanding Language – Reason 4

An event manager may wish to carefully understand the psychographics and beliefs of its demographic audience, many of those in the older generation are put off by language they do not wish to hear. Events must be advertised appropriately and not contain any explicit information such as swear words that would derail their audience. Research does however indicate Baby Boomers use more casual language than those that belong to other generations such as Generation Y and X and that most importantly they just wish to make connections.

Nobody Wants To Be Disrespected – Reason 3

No judgement and kindness, as event managers we must carefully treat our guests with the respect they deserve. Treating Baby Boomers as if they are technologically disadvantaged and fragile is wrong in many ways, we must not stereotype them as weak, in fact research indicates that they are indeed the most active and healthiest generation in history. This group of individuals like to know the ins and outs of everything, perhaps they may have been called the gossiping generation, ironically different from the silent generation.

It’s Ok Asking Younger People For Help – Reason 2 

Once a target audience has decided to attend an event, they must be made to feel special and unafraid to ask others for help. Pride must be put in the draw by these audience members. As an event manager we can make sure that our staff are dressed in an appropriate manner and look approachable, for example the cover up of tattoos and piercings which often are disliked by older individuals. Staff can be shown as supportive and not on their phones, as this would further add to the stereotype of self-entitled youth.

Baby Boomers should ask for help

Little Tips To Help Run The Event Smoothly – Reason 1 

Older generations do not like the idea of gender-neutral bathrooms at events as they find it unsafe, although this concept is good to address, it certainly isn’t straightforward as event managers need to consider ethics and that there are many different genders, by appealing to one consumer you may be alienating others. Consider donating some of the profit made to charities, Baby Boomers have led the way for charitable help and pushing ethics and equality. Many of them believe that their generation has made the world better, through use of civil rights and protesting. Today’s society would not have rights if it was not down to their ancestors so one incentive to promote Baby Boomers to attend an event is as appreciation for example a discounted rate.


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