Interview: Aly Berry Shares Single ‘Wrapped In Black’

Aly Berry - Wrapped In Black - Featured Imagery
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Hey Aly, great to have you with us, to start with can you tell all of us who Aly Berry is?

I am Aly haha- Just myself. Always myself, unapologetically. I am a music-obsessed girl, my main genre is jazz and blues. I sing, I play piano, a bit of guitar (in progress haha), I write all my own songs, I’m very deep so I like to get my emotions out on paper.

Congratulations on your release of Wrapped In Black, can you tell us a little about the inspiration behind the lyrics?

First of all, thank you! Ah, I actually wrote the song whilst I was working at a bar. I remember going into work and I was going through a lot- like I said I like to write my emotions out, so I just wrote lyrics my whole shift on scrap pieces of paper.. and wrapped in black came out.

Aly Berry - Wrapped In Black - Featured Image

Now you’ve mentioned your muse is Amy Winehouse what draws you to her music so much?

What wouldn’t draw you to Amy Winehouse’s music? That’s my question haha.

Besides your muse, was there anyone who you saw and you thought ‘I wanna be like that person!?

Never like anyone else, just me. Just want to be content and do what I love. However, I’ve always looked up to my mum.. she’s a strong woman, a Really amazing woman.. and put up with me and my crazy dreams haha.

What do you want your listeners to take away from Wrapped In Black?

I think music and lyrics have different meanings to everyone, so I want listeners with all my music to take away whatever they feel from it.

Not to discuss regrets but If you could go back in time, what would you have done differently throughout lockdown?

Nothing… I believe everything happens for a reason. I knuckled down during lockdown and used it to my advantage (as horrible as the pandemic was..). Spending most of my free time just writing and figuring myself out.

The pandemic was a crazy time and changed many individuals, how has it changed your outlook of life and your musical style?

I just took a lot of time alone during the pandemic and worked on myself.

Do you have a dream venue for performing at and who do you hope to collaborate with in the future?

 If Amy was here… of course Amy. I’d love to perform in arenas let’s just see what happens.

Aly Berry - Wrapped In Black - Featured Imagery

What advice would you give a creative with a dream?

Do it. Don’t see limits.

Taking a step back in time, how did you first get into songwriting?

I wrote songs since I was young… as in I’d write songs.. they were probably.. definitely .. dreadful when I was like 9 haha.


Besides songwriting and singing, do you have any other magical talents?

I used to be a professional figure skater haha.

To finish off with, can you let people know what’s coming from you Aly Berry for the remainder of 2022?

You’ll have to wait and see for that (;

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