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Starting the year off well Todd Dorigo releases his second solo EP with ‘Docks Music / Fifth Island Music / Sony Music Sweden’. Written, recorded and produced by Todd in the Swedish woods with influences including Lee Hazlewood and Scott Walker and Nick Cave, this EP certainly is one to listen too. Todd says the following about his new EP “In the process of questioning my own identity and authenticity, these songs intended to seek out the truth but were soon misled through dream sequences, psychedlic trips and erotic fantasies”.

Reviewer Wilden Egenti shares the following about Another Fantasy:

New wave rock ‘n’ roll artist Todd Dorigo’s brilliant new EP is a quaint but powerful medley of songs. In the first track Imitate, Todd’s smooth cadence coupled with the wholesome backing vocals makes for a very cinematic, engaging vibe. Imitate is also very strong lyrically, it’s clear that Todd has drawn on the theme of nature with phrases such as “Soul” , “darkness”, and “ravine”. Listeners will definitely enjoy this sensual piece.

The following two songs Credit where it’s due along with the EP’s namesake Another fantasy complement each other brilliantly. The former is an upbeat, fast tempo piece, in contrast, the latter is more mellow and melodic , the peaceful almost hawaiian-like guitar riffs sprinkled throughout the track are absolutely delightful, the epitome of the indie rock genre.

 The last piece on the EP, Demolition Derby more than lives up to its boisterous name. Listeners can expect a slow build up of light bass, and then to be suddenly bombarded by a slew of sound. The chorus consisting of a swift clangling electric guitar riff accompanied by Todd’s hearty tone and cadence makes for an explosive cacophony of sound, the perfect way to end the project!

From start to finish Todd’s EP is more of an experience than a musical project, Another Fantasy is an amazing instalment in Todd’s epic journey to Rock ‘n’ Roll stardom.

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