Promote Your Event in 6 Ways

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So you’ve taken our advice and worked out the ticketing cost of your event,but what now you may ask? Well you need to go and sell those tickets and this can be achieved through promoting your event, there are many different ways to promote an event. With lack of promotion, leads to lack of sales, advertisement and exposure for the brand in question. One will highlight the key promotional tools and strategies needed to market your event in the most effective way.

Reach Out To Past Ticket Holders – Reason 6

Due to the events of covid, spending habits have been altered and many individuals have lost the inspiration to leave home and attend events as they used to. The first recommendation one would give would be to contact all previous ticket sales holders in advance of your event going live, they would be the first in the queue, also known as early bird sales. Rewarding your loyal customers with early access is an incentive for them to remain loyal to you, perhaps consider sending an email newsletter which contains content of what the event will contain.

Why We Like Influencers – Reason 5

Work with influencers to help boost your potential ticket coverage. One good advantage of this approach is that your event will be able to reach those outside of your target audience. The one downfall of this approach though is that records show ever increasing numbers of influencers being impacted by fraud, if they are taking over your page, you may be also be affected by a data breach.

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Social Media Is Your Friend – Reason 4

So many individuals of various demographics have a social media account, consider when promoting your event use live videos and when online be consistent with the event hashtag, this follows on from the previous reason of making sure you mention to any key speakers what the hashtag is, so they are able to use it on their social media page. 

When using social media as a platform to promote your event consider which method would have the highest impact touch point and lead on this whether it be through a tweet, a post, a podcast or even a reel, one would recommend looking at customer insights to determine which platform is most popular and look at trends to determine what approach engages your desired audience.

Make Tickets Easy To Buy – Reason 3

If consumers have to wait for tickets to arrive by post or go to a building to collect tickets they may be less inclined to go as they do not wish for hassle. Consider selling tickets not just on your website and personal social media platform but also on third party providers such as EventBrite. Depending on the nature of your event and the desired audience would result in use of varying sale sites, for example for a high exclusive industry event consider speaking to provider Sincura.

Promote your event through luxury group Sincura

Emails Are Easy – Reason 2

If there are individuals of which you want at your event, you may wish to consider writing a marketing email and pitching it to them, combining this with a message on Facebook can further promote sales. When applying this approach be cautious over the language used as written language has very different meanings to vocal language, and you don’t want your message to be read incorrectly, be specific and clear in what you want and most importantly considerate and fair. Do not send an email that you would not wish to receive and remember that words may need to be altered when sending to different demographic age groups.

The Power Of Press – Reason 1

Press is such a powerful tool in the digital age, getting a brand discussed on the radio can increase coverage by up to 41% as 90% of the UK population listen to Radio. As an events manager besides radio, consider getting an interview on a podcast or featured in a blog or magazine to further increase the range of whom your clients brand attracts.

Promote various forms of press


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