Ski Slopes, Supremacy And Retribution Make Up New TV Drama “KITZ”

Time for brunch - KITZ
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I could watch all 6 episodes of Kitz in one go but alas one will just detail the events that occurred during the premiere episode titled “Countdown”. Countdown to what you may ask? Well, you will just have to watch the series by director Maurice Hübner to find out but there will certainly be some reveals to keep you on your toes and entertained.

The opening scene transforms us into the beautiful town of Kitzbühel based in the heart of Austria with scenery so vivid even those that are widely traveled would be impressed. We are initially given dialogue by Lisi (Sofie Eifertinger) and a scene of her brother Joseph (Felix Mayr) driving in an ambush of rage off a cliff and a chalet being on fire, showcasing Lisi’s revenge on those that were capable of Joseph passing. This sequence of events takes place over numerous time periods, the events leading up to Joseph’s death (2020) and the second being a year later leading up to the great fire.

We are introduced to Lisi best friend Antonia (Souhaila Amade) who has returned for winter break from London, we question at this point if Antonia took Lisi scholarship to Saint Martins College of Art and Design, due to Lisi being too traumatised to study or perhaps her motives changed from fashion to cold murder, stay tuned to find out. We have another friend of the siblings in the introduction of farmer boy Hans (Ben Felipe) who has slept with former fat and anorexic Kosh (Zoran Pingel) thanks to the likes of queen bee Pippa (Krista Tcherneva), another member of the in-crowd. Is the relationship all part of Lisi’s grand plan to infuriate the exclusive clique?

We have a body shot of Vanessa’s boyfriend/mule/car designer Dominik (Bless Amada) admiring the grand views in the wilderness who is interrupted by Lisi asking him how was California before she rushes to work on snooping around Vanessa’s (Valerie Huber) room, exploring her walk-in wardrobe and family photos. I’m surprised management hasn’t asked what’s taking so long, but then who needs management when you have Vanessa’s BFF Pippa manning the room who requests that she leave her presence.

Kitz certainly has a great creative team, from the likes of music director Heiko Maile to set director Tatjana Büchner for the escape from reality party. The party is a true hit, however, the title is ironic as some of the guests certainly don’t need encouragement, they’re already in their own little bubble. We do say that the party is the “New Year Party” and everyone is having fun besides Lisi and well Dominik over Wirsing’s (Laurenz Winklhofer) arrival. You do need balance though and Ferdinand (Steffen Wink) is certainly excited over Pippa, Pippa’s excitement soon leaves when she finds Lisi hiding in the bathroom and threatens to have her fired. Guess that means we will be seeing more of Chef Madli (Madli Moos).

Before she’s fired Lisi wants to go out with a bang and accidentally wink wink spills all the drinks on Vanessa. She goes to apologise, but has little luck until she goes to the suite, and to her surprise witnesses, Vanessa being attacked by a burglar and then Lisi saves the day by playing mind games on the burglar. This initial act of strength starts what seems to be a beautiful friendship with a party and brunch invitation. It’s revealed though that it was Hans who is in cahoot with Lisi to reenact revenge on Vanessa.  We don’t exactly know what she has done wrong at this point, just that she must have been involved with Joseph?

Now I know some may say it reminds them of elements of other shoes such as Elite, Gossip Girl or maybe even I Know What You Did Last Summer, but one says who really cares. Teen shows will always be around and each year we’ve given a new one to watch to our hearts content and so far Kitz would be one to watch. You can watch the English trailer here and for my German friends, please see here.

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