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I Know What You Did Last Summer- Episode 1 Still
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Being a massive fan of 90’s horrors one wanted to check out the new remake of ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’. The new remake instead of being a film is an 8 part tv series which could turn into an additional series if the demand is there, if it does get turned into season 2, it will be interesting to see how many of the cast make it for another round.



The basis of episode 1 is based on the initial event that occurs after a graduation party. What is meant to be a night of partying turns into a night of hysteria for a group of 5 young teenagers made up of outcast Alison (Madison Iseman), party girl Margot (Brianne Tju) and her gay bestie Johnny (Sebastian Amouruso), drug dealer Riley (Ashley Moore) and her friend and ordinary boy Dylan (Ezekiel Goodman). We are delighted to encounter Alison’s notorious twin sister Lennon who likes to sleep, drink and party to put it quite frankly.

The graduation party gets heated when Alison’s love interest Dylan loses his virginity to her sister. This chaotic deed does not go unnoticed and Alison storms off to her car. So far she’s been forced to go to a graduation party by her father and her crush has just broken her heart, at this point you do feel sorry for her. Margot’s mum Mel (Sonya Balmores) calls the cops, perhaps just for some attention as for most of the night she is locked away not to be an embarrassment to Margot.

We can understand why Riley wants to leave especially as she is concerned that she may be racially profiled and that she is indeed carrying drugs but the need of the follow ons is a tad unnecessary, if Margot stayed in her house, she would have saved herself and Johnny an unfortunate chain of events.

Now all the cast are in the car with a supposing Lennon at this point who doesn’t quite seem to be acting herself. A few scenes later Lennon is driving down the road and hits what seems to be a goat only to discover that the goat is her sister Alison. The cast bicker between themselves between what is right and wrong and they decide collectively to take Alison’s body to the cave, the same cave which the twins mom committed suicide in, the first and final scene of “It’s Thursday” show Alison looking in the mirror with the words ‘I Know What You Did Last Summer’.

He didn't deserve to go so soon :(

Episode 2

In “It’s Not Just For Dogshit”, we find out that the surviving twin Lennon is indeed Allison and it was Lennon who was hit by the car. For the last year Alison has been living this fabricated life of her sister eg being in university away from home obtaining new friends and abandoning her old circle. We understand why she needed a fresh start away from her home life as let’s be fair Alison life wasn’t very interesting before now was it.

Alison decides to reconnect with Lennon’s best friends in her old school, Johnny is dating the coach and Riley is still a provider who both stayed in the town with Dylan of whom they’ve not seen. The one who has made the biggest change is Margot who not only left the town to go to university but also her look has drastically changed, her hair is almost all gone which drove her mother insane. What is refreshing though is that she seems to have more power than the others and that this was her own choice not like the character of Helen Shivers played by the iconic star Sarah Michelle Gellar in the original movie of 1997 who had her hair butchered by the man with a hook. We see Johnny and Margot relationship is strained since a massive argument occurred when Johnny didn’t go to UCL with Margot. This however is short lived as they make up and chit chat in Riley’s estate, also this scene makes us sympathise with Margot as more than an entitled rich girl when she talks about her battles and her therapy sessions.

Alison’s father Bruce (Bill Heck) is having hook ups with the local sheriff Lyla (Fiona Rene), which has been going on for many years even before Alison’s mother’s fatal suicide in the cave. Episode 2 ends with a tragic death of one of the lead 5, in this case being the happy go lucky Johnny which is rather disappointing as he was favoured more than Dylan and we know this will deeply impact Margot. On the bright side there are many flashbacks so even if a fan favourite does go it’s not really the end, unlike other shows though there not much chance of coming back when your head has been decapitated.

Episode 3

Episode 3 opens with the remaking four OG’s meeting up and Margot being a mess which Riley doesn’t really sympathise with in the slightest, the girl didn’t even cry when she was sent a video of Johnny death. Hashtag #girlhasnoheart, the remaining part of “A Gorilla Head Will Not Do” builds more on the characters outside of the remaining four such as Alison’s father Bruce and his love interest Lyla as well as some scenes with Bruce’s maid on a Thursday Courtney (Cassie Beck) which is crazy to say the least.

The final four have been speculating the killer was Dale as he was the only other individual that drove past on the night of the graduation events, perhaps lucky for some and unlucky for the others, Dale (Spencer Sutherland) has no been marked of the suspect list as he was murdered in his line of work. The scene was rather intriguing and one must say it still does not put me off a slushy, what was frustrating though is how officer Doug Cruise (Eric William Morris) found Dale and said the hysterical words ‘Looks like you’re overflowing there buddy’, who in there right mind would stand in a pile of slushy running down themselves and on to the floor. With all due respect officer Doug isn’t the brightest tool in the shed and his line this episode even makes the title.

1 down more to go

Episode 4

Hot Shrimp Salad starts with a flashback scene of Margot and Lennon making out, it’s revealed that Lennon would record sessions with every individual she would seduce. Did she sell these videos, we don’t quite know? What we do know is that Lennon was a party girl and partying often comes with a fee attached, booze and drugs aren’t free. It’s very interesting to see Brianne Tju in flashback scenes not only because her hair is so good and glossy but because we get to see two different Margot, although both are similar they’re differing elements and it just shows how gifted Brianne is as an actress. If you haven’t yet you need to watch Brianne in ‘As Light As A Feather’, she really does give her character justice. Now one could talk about the love of the actress but they have to go on to the story.

If you’re not a fan of nudity you may have to keep your eyes closed for the annual run, that said the scene adds a very interesting plot to the story. These naked individuals run into the sea, unknowingly bringing Alison in with them who just happens to be in the exact location as her floating decomposing sister Lennon which as you can imagine would put anybody into a place of shock.

Bruce decides not to have an autopsy performed on Lennon to reserve her body as they’ve been through enough, not telling Lyla the real reason is that he knows his daughter has been dead for a year already.

A few scenes down the line in episode 4 of I Know What You Did Last Summer, we encounter an enraged Riley who says ‘Are you fucking kidding me’ when Margot says ‘At least we don’t have to lie anymore’ after Lennon’s body is discovered. News flash Riley is kind of right you all still are lying, the truth hasn’t come out, don’t fool yourself Margot. Credit does have to be giving to Margot heart and how she is so supportive of her friends. This bedroom scene is heartfelt as Dylan announces his love for Alison and how he hates and will never forgive Lennon. I’m hoping he can show his love to Alison before the killer gets to him in later in the season.

Bruce travels to Clara (Brooke Bloom) aka the mystic woman in the woods, well perhaps not woods but not on the main road shall we say, it’s discovered that she had kept Lennon’s body for a year hoping she would be reborn in the Solstice and when not she her lay out to sea.

Alison is sad that she has to go to her own funeral knowing that she can never reclaim her old life back. Her friends comfort her, especially Margot who eats red velvet cake with her and accepts Alison’s apology to her for being an awful friend. Alison aka Lennon’s body is set a light on a handmade raft and the community grief before being interrupted by a scream from Courtney which sees another two bodies officer Doug Cruise and chef Harold (Dann Seki). Officer Doug was pretty useless so there’s no surprise he couldn’t survive the chainsaw killer with a hook, haha we don’t know what tools this killer uses. More saddening is the chefs departure, he may have been a minor role however his parting will deeply impact the community and everybody’s question is whose going to make all of the delicious food. Courtney doesn’t seem to care much about these fallen comrades as all she seems to say is I’m not cleaning that up, it’s at no surprise she’s neighbours and good friends with Kelly Craft (Chrissie Fit) who the town see as a villainess due her previous love interests perishing.

The truth comes out


Overall I Know What You Did Last Summer is an interesting show and has a completely different concept to the original which is refreshing as if it was exactly the same it would be a little boring.  One would suggest giving I Know What You Did Last Summer a watch if you are a fan of mystery and suspense. With many characters left, who do you think will survive to the end – vote below and put your thoughts on the new series in the comments section, have a great weekend and hope you enjoyed the read.

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