11 Songs From 2021 – Week 41

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This week has been absolutely manic with low energy levels, meetings and reports, yet somehow I managed to still compile a top 11, how I did one isn’t quite sure. All I can say is music has been my saving grace and ‘When The Going Gets Tough’ by Billy Ocean and ‘These Boots Are Made For Walkin’ by Nancy Sinatra helped see me through the last week, nothing beats the Swinging Sixties and that’s why I enjoy modern day alternatives such as ‘Feel It Still’ by Portugal. The Man.


Number 11 – Here Comes Another by Charlotte OC

I don’t think there is any one way to describe the elements of the song, I feel like I hear the vocals of Miley Cyrus and Ruby Rose. Perhaps my demons are playing games in my head as I’ve not accepted them as friends and I’m happy alone in my bed forgiving my mistakes. The lyrics are catchy and you can certainly play off them. Please listen to this song and let me know your thoughts in the comments section.


Number 10 – Gentle by Georgia Mae

Eating ice cream for some sugar rush, ‘Gentle’  is a song that you could play in a country club or a speakeasy, the song is soft and deep, and as Georgia Mae would place it parts of the song are gentle. Her voice is rather unheard in today’s pop culture and gives me old school vibes. I could definitely see this song being featured in upcoming tv shows and yes we can all be a little more gentle with our words.


Number 9 – Greatest Hits by Gavin James

At this point it’s 1 am in the morning and the rain is really frustrating so I need a song like Greatest Hits to see me through the night and finish this post. The car in the video to start with looks like an 1980’s Lamborghini Countach which for all viewers reminds me of the car Marty McFly travelled back in time with in the classic trilogy ‘Back To The Future’. The video does resemble 80’s vibes with roller skates, photo booths and an old cassette, perhaps the story of the video  resembles how love changes from past to present day and how individuals change but how our heart doesn’t skip a beat.

Number 8 – IT’S ALL GOOD by MILA

Not yet on youtube but can be listened to on Soundcloud and Spotify is a pop song titled ‘IT’S ALL GOOD’ by MILA. MILA is based in London and is creative and you could say peculiar which adds to the artists image so much more. The new song reminds me so much of Classic by MKTO which was one of my favourites for a very long time, looking forward to what the artist releases in the coming months.


Number 7 – Sad Song by GRACEY

It may be titled sad song but don’t let the title fool you, I find the song rather upbeat and for a moment it almost made me forget about the lyrics and what the message behind the words is. I don’t know why I found the visuals so fascinating. It’s of the artist cleaning a fish tank, I mean if I spent my whole day cleaning fish tanks perhaps one would be sad too.


Number 6 – Hopeless Romantic by Sam Fischer

Listening to this song may bring up emotions that you wish to remain hidden, with no flashy gimmicks, the visuals make you tone into Sam’s authentic voice. You can really feel the words and the pureness of the track and would very much recommend listening to it.


Number 5 – Who’s Gonna Love Me Now? by James Morrison

Saying ‘Tell me who’s gonna love me if you don’t can be a lot for a recipient to hear, the guilt they would feel if they let go would be destroying. The lyrics are cutting and performed with a soulful voice. Does anybody find love at a party? I personally think the club scenes show that we can be surrounded by so many individuals and still feel lost and alone inside.


Number 4 – Piano by Alissic

I loved the visuals of ‘Piano’ by Alissic, I could be biased in ranking the song higher as I’ve modelled with the prince that was played by ‘Tobias Cordes’, however one will stick true to ethics and place it as 4 as I sure am a fan of puppets and the song is a perfect mix between madness and innocence.


Number 3 – Dummy by Cheat Codes, Oli Sykes and Bring Me The Horizon

This song appeals to so many as it fuses so many voices into the track, you have pop/rap and more than anything raw talent. The lyrics ‘Loving you is like killing myself’ can mean so much to different groups of people, for example caregivers, ex lovers the list goes on and on, looking out and helping someone sometimes puts ourselves at risk, not taking breaks for yourself as you’re always helping others. Also Oli Sykes ​​helped write ‘Piano’ with @danjlancaster.


Number 2 – Go or Stop? by SUNMI

The opening visuals of Go or Stop? by SUNMI has similarities to the set of one of the scenes of ‘Escape Room 2’, without too many spoilers one would favour being in the music video rather than the film. If you are a fan of high tech and futurism, then this video is the one for you, and for those of you that don’t understand what’s being said there are subtitles, however I have to say listening to SUNMI native tongue is what us K Pop fans like. Of all the weeks so far this was the one song that there should be a joint number 1 spot for.


Number 1 – Tamed-Dashed by ENHYPEN

A big credit goes out to director Yong Seok Choi for this one as well as the rest of the team that created this epic song. Tamed-Dashed makes me want to relive my highschool days and cherish warm summer nights. The visuals for this one is on point and follows the boys in what looks like a prestigious school that specialises in sports and fellowship.

Have a great week and tune in next week to explore the latest Top 11 songs as rated by Origins Of CJM 


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