Chucky Season 1 Episode 2 Breakdown

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Episode 2 really does start in a unique way with a flash back to Halloween night of 1965 with a young  Charles Lee Ray (David Kohlsmith) as a child eating candy. Flash forward to present day and Oliver (Avery Esteves) the bully of episode 1 acts incredibly kind to Jake Wheeler (Zackary Arthur) and invites him to his Halloween party as his parents are in London, perhaps as Oliver was caught out by Lexy (Alyvia Alyn Lind) and isn’t speaking with her or Jake’s cousin Junior (Teo Briones) despite them both being invited to his Halloween party. Could it be deep down Oliver really is apologetic and feels bad that Jake’s dad Logan died (Devon Sawa), we’ll have to find out as the storyline goes on.

Lexy goes from typical mean girl to cold hearted and twisted girl when she is annoyed that Jake didn’t get suspended and she has a total lack of care for idiot uncle Logan who stuck his finger in the toaster. How Chucky (Brad Dourif) is so innocent at this point beside being a disruptive toy that is not allowed in school.

Chucky gets squirted with disinfectant by the housemaid Annie (Erica Wood ll) she may be trying to be kind but little did she know that she would be provoking the spirit of a serial killer. It doesn’t take Chucky long to exact it’s revenge and mere seconds later the maid gets pushed into the sharp knives in the dishwasher, what an unfortunate accident, 10 minutes into episode 2 we have our second kill on camera besides the poor little cat being a 3rd victim. Let’s be fair Jake’s uncle Logan (Devon Sawa) and wife Bree (Lexa Doig) don’t seem like the individuals to care for a cat and Junior may only miss Annie due to her popsicle making skills. She certainly made them often as Devon (Bjorgvin Arnarson) even mentions them later throughout the episode to his detective mother (Rachelle Casseus).

A scene later Jake argues with Chucky for killing Annie which he denies and says he only kills people that have it coming and it wasn’t him, also Chucky accepts Jake’s sexuality and says he’s not a monster and that his kid is gender fluid, does this mean we will see Chucky’s son and girlfriend Tiffany later in the show?

What is interesting is I generally think Chucky sees Jake as a friend and in a unique way is trying to help him, eg killing his father who used him as a punching bag to upgrade him from a bad home to a luxurious mansion in the nice part of town.

Lexy’s parents are very involved with younger sibling Caroline (Carina Battrick) who has eidetic memory that you start to see that perhaps Lexy s acting out for attention and just wants the feeling of family love. The parents don’t even sympathise with the fact Jake and Chucky ridiculed her at the talent show in episode 1, her father Mr.Cross (Michael Therriault) even says ‘you should be flattered, the whole thing was all about you’ and her mother Michelle (Babara Alyn Woods) who is also the mayor says ‘Lexy, your sister has a gift, and she’s better at this than you’ve ever been at anything in your entire life’. Brutal mother that’s all I say, it’s at no surprise she’s up high on Chucky’s kill list. When the season is over perhaps we should congratulate Chucky for ridding the town off mean people and population control off course.

Hell breaks lose on Halloween night and Chucky has escaped the mansion without Jake’s supervision and is wandering the street dressed as ‘Hello Kitty’, I can’t contain my laughter. He knocks on this ladies door trick or treating and rewards her with an apple when she gives directions to the party, if the treat contains razor blades in it who knows what the trick would of been? We see Chucky paying Lexy’s sister a visit and plays murderous games on the big screen, saying she can kill her babysitter, maid and even sister. Is Chucky trying to recruit a very gifted and potentially damaged child?

Oliver although nicer still likes games and locks Jake and Devon in the room titled ‘Hell’ a variant of the game 7 minutes. Still his antics are for all guests and what really is unjustifiable is Lexy’s Halloween costume being Jake’s electrocuted father, it’s a shame Chucky’s murderous attempt didn’t work so she gets to stay for a while. The ending scene shows Chucky giving Jake a knife prompting him to kill Lexy or perhaps anyone that gets in his way.

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