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Tumble Weave
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Tumble Weave first made headlines on July 17th 2022 when ” A Fave Five Films” announced the launching of the short film. With the build up over the last few months from press, one was excited to attend the screening of Tumble Weave on September 10th 2022. A short film directed by American author Andreia Solomon Burke which starred the actors Gloria Simon, Shelton Johnson, Kiana Johnson, Charlotte Bridson, Alexus Burke, Joshua Antwi, and it also introduces Sir Marco Robinson, from the Netflix film “Legacy of Lies”. The actor played the role of Paul, an older gentleman with narcissistic behavior that played a father figure to the naive young woman who wanted Kim Kardashian braids. The theme of cultural appropriation was just one of the themes explored throughout the short film.   

Andreia Solomon Burke, the film director said, “We were excited to share the news about our most awaited film with the world, especially since it’s been a few years since we released; “Just Another Angry Black Woman”. A film that was indeed selected as the best film at the Isle of Portland Short Film Festival 2020. Andreia continues by saying “We worked hard to make sure that the script was perfect and that our actors were prepared for their roles. Though we did have a few setbacks during production, we are very proud of what we put together and are excited for people to see it. It’s so gratifying when you work hard for something only to see your efforts come together into something that you can be proud of. She added I would like to thank the actors for their hard work. I would also like to thank everybody involved in this project. I’ve never worked with such a talented crew”.

Tumble Weave was an independent film made on a small budget without any backing from studios or major distributors and that’s what makes it so worthy of watching, it really goes to show that with a strong team, miracles can indeed happen. Tumble Weave was thoroughly enjoyed by all attendees in the room with much room for giggles throughout whilst tackling some strong themes that allow the audience to really think and delve into the subconscious mind. 

When asking Andreia to describe “Tumble Weave” in three words she says the following. “To answer your question, I would describe the project using these 3 words: witty, perseverance, and edutaining as it is always our aim to educate as well as entertain”.

The food certainly was enjoyed throughout thanks to the establishment “The Exhibit” where Tumble Weave was screened. Vegan sausage rolls, halloumi sticks and chicken skewers with an incredible handcrafted cake to finish it off. Besides great food, the launch night was a successful one and you could see how passionate the cast were, onwards and upwards and one looks forward to what Andreia will work on next.

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