Jessica Woodlee, Releases “T.O.M.L”

Jessica Woodlee
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Is your hair too long, how many times have we been told to change our appearance to fit into what society classes as its traditional beauty standards? Old stigmas attached we are coming to the age of breaking traditions and standing true to what aligns with us, whether that is choosing our own look or speaking up for what we believe in and showing ourselves to be vulnerable when need be. If this appeals to you then you may very much connect with Jessica Woodlee’s new song T.O.M.L.

Jessica’s new song summarizes her first year of adulthood, for many that is university and freshman year for Jessica proved to be the perfect catalyst for songwriting and self-discovery. Jessica expected college to be fun and easy-going due to the many depictions she’d grown up seeing on social media, in books, and on tv shows. However, the fall of 2021 proved to be fraught with imposter syndrome, extreme workloads, anxiety and stress for the rising pop star. She soon became fed up with the societal pressure to enjoy the supposed “best time of her life” and turned to music to express her frustration. Thus T.O.M.L. was born. For the rest of the year, Jessica spent hours in dorm rooms, rehearsal rooms and the Berklee studios with her new-found family. Together they wrote lyrics, created synths, rehearsed drum parts and recorded background vocals to create the ultimate pop-rock teen angst banger.

“T.O.M.L.” is a pop-rock anthem with tight guitars, booming bass synths, honest lyrics and catchy melodies. “T.O.M.L.” embodies the rising wave of teen pop-rock songs that have been grabbing Gen Z’s ears on social media and beyond. This female-led pop-rock wave, incited by icons like Olivia Rodrigo and Gayle, has taken the industry by storm. The combo of this viral music genre and Jessica’s honest and witty lyrics has created an instant hit.

Her new single is destined to place her directly in the industry spotlight. With over 600,000 plays on Spotify and over 20k followers on social media Jessica has already begun to take the music industry by storm and with a new album on its way and a promising future ahead at Berklee, it’s clear “Jessica Woodlee” will soon become a household name. “T.O.M.L.” will be the first of many of Jessica’s songs to dominate the pop music scene.

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