AVES x JFDR & Rony Rex Unveil Electrifying Remix of “Gem of the Ocean”

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Our most recent discovery highlights AVES, the Helsinki-based electronic pop trio, who have teamed up with the renowned Finnish producer Rony Rex to present a thrilling remix of their captivating collaboration, “Gem of the Ocean.” This remix brings a fresh and exhilarating perspective to the original track, infusing it with Rony Rex’s unique style and electrifying energy. Building on the atmosphere of the original, Rony channels both summer sunset coziness and retrospective soundscapes alongside lush house be

The collaboration between AVES, JFDR, and Rony Rex results in a truly mesmerizing musical experience. “Gem of the Ocean (Rony Rex Remix)” takes the enchanting vocals of JFDR, originally featured on the track, and blends them seamlessly with Rony Rex’s signature sound, characterized by bubbly and quirky house influences. The remix creates a dynamic fusion that captivates listeners, immersing them in an irresistible dance-floor anthem.

Rony Rex’s prowess as a dance music tastemaker is fully showcased in this remix. With his ability to seamlessly blend genres and create infectious beats, he brings an unparalleled energy to “Gem of the Ocean,” turning it into a euphoric and captivating experience.

The “Gem of the Ocean (Rony Rex Remix)” is set to be a summer sensation, destined to captivate audiences around the world. Its infectious rhythms and electrifying melodies make it a must-have addition to any playlist, perfect for vibrant parties, uplifting workouts, and memorable moments.

The remix will be available on all major music platforms, alongside an accompanying music video that perfectly complements the track’s energy and ambiance. The video captures the essence of the remix, showcasing the synergy between AVES, JFDR, and Rony Rex in a visually stunning production.

AVES feat. JFDR and Rony Rex’s “Gem of the Ocean (Rony Rex Remix)” is a testament to the boundless creativity and collaboration within the music industry. This remarkable release continues to push the boundaries of electronic pop music, offering an exhilarating and irresistible experience for music lovers worldwide.

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