County Wide Release Summer Tune “Fool Speed”

County Wide
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It may be cooling down but Summer certainly is far from over. A little party never killed nobody and with southern-rock band County Wide new song “Fool Speed” the fun will never end. County Wide is the product of 5 Southeastern Kentucky good boys with a knack for entertaining rowdy crowds with a high-octane, rockin’ live show and their newest single sure is a tongue-in-cheek, care-free summer anthem – qualities that parallel the 5-member band’s own persona.

With many working 9-5 jobs, we all live for the weekends, and in music tastes living for the weekend one song at a time, County Wide presents “Fool Speed” as the perfect week-day escape – reminiscing on when a job was just a job and living for the moment was the only concern.

The homegrown country band puts their best boots forward by taking inspiration from rock legends to country staples, including Lynyrd Skynyrd, Foo Fighters, Alan Jackson and Metallica. The new song has an upbeat rhythm and a Lynyrd Skynyrd meets Montgomery Gentry writing style which makes the track a classic, country summer anthem that is irresistibly relatable.

“I think this song is very relatable to everyone. It takes me straight back to simpler times when I could just blow off my job and go hang with the boys or chase girls,”  bassist Anthony Campbell shares. The trilogy “Back To The Future” was classic and the bassist shares his love for retro by stating “I love a song that can take me back in time and I feel like this one does just that.

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