Credit Where It’s Due By Todd Dorigo – Song Review

Todd Dorigo (Credit Where It's Due)- Origins Of CJM
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Todd Dorigo’s latest release, Credit Where It’s due, is a testament to contemporary Indie Rock encompassing all of the essential ingredients that compose this eclectic yet esoteric musical Genre. This is demonstrated by the robust and upbeat drum base, the heavy influence of both an electric and classical guitar that is creatively applied as well as the artist’s own deep, charmingly husky, and alluringly seductive vocals to create an absolute masterpiece that is sure to be a firm favourite for any fan of classic or contemporary rock as well as indie releases.

Listeners can expect a tonal vibe that is an integral mix of both 1960’s Jim Morrison (whom the artist bears a significant amount of physical resemblance to) as well as the King of Rock and Roll Elvis Presley which is combined with Dorigo’s personal twists, unique personality, and charisma that is intriguing, catchy and will certainly without any shadow of a doubt remain a classic for years to come. With a release as exceptional as this, Todd Dorigo is sure to become a household name in the very near future and we are extremely excited to see what his career holds for him in the upcoming years. 

If you haven’t already you can also check out Todd’s Q&A here where he bears all in relation to his breathtaking EP “Anyone At All”, do let us know your favourite song in the comments section and we hope you enjoy “Credit Where It’s Due” as much as we do.

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