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First Kill Huntress
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I fancy something a little different, thought Calliope Burns (Imani Lewis) one day instead of growing into her family beliefs of slaying ghouls and staking vampires she decided to get close to an individual that couldn’t age. First Kill explores the realm that love certainly will change us in many ways and for some, it could even be life-threatening.

Now to start things off we are welcomed into the luxurious life of our vampire girl Juliette Fairmont (Sarah Catherine Hook) and her queen bee no-nonsense risk-taking sister Elinor (Gracie Dzienny), her compassionate father Sebastian (Will Swenson), and her mother Margot (Elizabeth Mitchell) who seems like the grounded hierarchy of the family. 3 females make up this legacy family and 3 weeks have passed since Juliette’s birthday, her cravings have intensified and her symptoms have magnified out of what will soon be out of control – nobody likes migraines and that certainly isn’t the only symptom showcasing.

First Kill (Mother & Daughter)

We are introduced to Ben Wheeler (Jonas Dylan Alen) who acts as Juliette’s best friend, popular and head athlete of Lancaster Academy where learning lives and lives are taken before they blossom.

There’s a first for everything and transfer student Calliope Burns certainly isn’t a name one would forget so easily, this beautiful and somewhat sarcastic student does also have brothers Theseus AKA Theo (Phillip Mullings JR.) and bad boy Apollo (Dominic Goodman) to look up to when things get tough and we certainly know that they will as the story progresses, her mother Talia (Aubin Wise) and father Jack (Jason R. Moore) also make up the Burns family and they certainly aren’t parents you’d like to mess with.

Ironically Calliope warms Juliette about their next class being English with Mr. Porter (Bill Winkler) and she herself turns up late having to do a recital to the class- a groundbreaking way to make others remember your name and with a name as enthralling as yours not much has to be done.

Now, these legacy vampires may appear in mirrors and go out in sunlight, however, what stands the test of time is their apparent downfall to pure silver, poor Juliette burns her hand and we know this is not the only pain she will encounter.

Savannah, Georgia may be quaint but we know it won’t be for long, the question on everybody’s mind will be when instead of why, that said why do these tribes hunt each other, perhaps this question is best left unanswered.

For Juliette’s sister Elinor we know her kill count must be high otherwise she’s engaging in some other serious and hefty crime, you see she has the contents of 16 driving licenses in her jewelry cabinet and we see she has traveled to Florida and South Carolina, one does imagine that her character is hiding her own secret though, is she as murderous as vampires are meant to be, only time will tell.

We all enjoy a party especially one in an exclusive mansion hosted by Noah Harrington (Roberto Méndez (II) ) and who knows perhaps even his girlfriend Phillipa (Gail Soltys), their relationship may not last long, especially with Ben dwindling his eyes on Noah, what we do know though is Noah will stay around longer than Phillipa’s friend Ashley Stanton (Sarah Stipe). A game of “Spin The Bottle” leads to a one-on-one scene in a pantry room and an unexpected kiss from Juliette to Calliope which leads to much more than just a kiss.

First Kill (Juliette & Calliope)

It’s hard being 16, but at 16 being the new girl in school and a monster hunter the odds aren’t in your favor Calliope. At least your home is protected by sage and you have a guild guardian JoJo (Mikala Gibson). The young huntress goes to Colonial Park Cemetery with her brothers and it is full of ghouls, but for Calliope, she isn’t allowed to fight just play lookout once again, a little unfair when her brothers had their first kills at age 12 & 14. Although Apollo may act like the more ruthless brother having killed 20, it’s questioned that Theo has killed more hence the archery tattoo having another level to it, each potentially representing 10 kills!

Despite the brother’s nature of killing they follow strong rules, pay attention, be prepared and finish what you started, the latter piece of advice is given to Juliette by Elinor for when she makes her first kill, we wonder who will be her first victim.

The ending of Episode 1 certainly leaves us in awe of how the show will progress, one awaits to see how this will plan out, the kill count will certainly increase in this somber town, let us know what you think in the comments below but don’t reveal too many spoilers.🙏🏻


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