NEVE Releases New Single “Not Like This”

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Thank you so much Origins Of CJM for having me, so for those that don’t know my name is NEVE, capitals cus it looks nicer. I’m originally from Ireland, bad at spelling but good at writing, and I’ve been bedroom dreaming of big stages since I could imagine.

I am literally obsessed with pop music, and always have been, I hope my songs allow you to understand some of your own emotions that you couldn’t quite articulate yet, or just make you feel like a bad b****🦋✨I’ve been doing fake concerts to some sick crowds in my bedroom for a while now, and think it’s time to do some in real life. I’ve fainted at two concerts but I’ll keep you in anticipation and let you guess which those were.

Thank you so much NEVE for your introduction, let’s get this party started with the Q&A, how did you decide to pursue a career in music?

It’s all I’ve ever wanted, I can’t remember ever considering anything else… since I was able to talk I would say “I’m gonna be a Popstar” and to be honest nothing has ever really changed lol. I have always been fascinated by performers, and my favourite thing to do was go to concerts, and I say was because now my favourite thing to do is perform. I’m meant to be on stage, so I have no choice but to pursue a career in music.

You just released Not Like This, can you tell us about the creative process of this and what this single means to you as an artist?

Firstly, I am so so excited this song is finally out in the world, to be honest it was a really seamless process writing this song. I wrote it with Maestro and Danny Shah, and they are both amazing at what they do, and it came so easily that day and we all knew we loved what we had made which was extra special. I had written verses in the car on the way to the studio and then Danny had a melody idea he had worked on before the session and they worked perfectly together and it all just felt like it was meant to be!

To me as an artist this feels like a really good development in the story and the sound after releasing guy friends first, as it’s a little more produced and from guy friends it offers a stepping stone towards the more built up sonics and storylines I have coming next, in future singles.

We all have our inspiration from different sources, who has inspired you the most NEVE and why?

I just love female powerhouse vocalists, I have been obsessed with big voices, and the American breakthrough pop eras of Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Rihanna, Beyonce, Britney, Ariana, and Miley, and I know I seem like I’m listing everyone lol but they have all played a major role in developing me as a listener, a writer and an artist. Even Rosalia has really inspired me to ensure people get a show when they see me live, because I saw her at the 02 Brixton academy pre-pandemic and I just thought she was such a force, I was mesmerised by her flare, stage presence and ability to keep everyone’s attention on her.

What is the catchiest lyric you’ve ever written to date and what is the most important aspect of writing to you?

That’s a hard one because I have 100 songs in a secret stash that I don’t wanna give away too much, but I was so so so surprised at how catchy people found guy friends. ‘All of my guy friends cheat on their girl friends’ is a line my friends, family, and people after shows just sing at me haha because I guess its a punchy statement that in a balladesque pop song you don’t expect and that seems to stick with people.

Lyrics are most important to me, 100%, and so many people say melody and its also very important but the words are the connection because we all go through similar experiences in life, and the lyrics create a bridge for us to relate to each other via music.

Now for those that haven’t heard you yet, how would you describe your sound to them Neve?

I would say its a guitar-led pop-rock sound, and that is going to continue to become more and more obvious as I continue to release music.

How do you hope to change the industry with your music?

I hope to use my ability in understanding my emotions and the emotions of others and writing songs to act as a safe space for others to understand, heal and conquer any struggles with their own emotions. There is nothing more therapeutic for me than going though a rough time or a happy time and finding a song to exaggerate those emotions and just allow me to sit with them and allow myself to fully feel what im going through and I want to be a source of that for others. One thing im very good at is being emotional and talking about my emotions lol and If I can use that as a helping hand for others who aren’t as good at that, then I will.

If you could impart one piece of advice to your younger self, what would it be?

My advice to my younger self would be, keep moving towards your goals, forgive yourself for messing up in life with people or career, and if you don’t have a skill that will drastically accelerate your success, learn it.

That last one for me came from getting good at songwriting, because I always just thought of myself as a singer, and thought I wasn’t good enough to write, and I put time into studying and understanding songs, and got good, and now I’m very proud of myself as a writer.

You’re a very stylish musician NEVE, tell us your approach to fashion?

Haha thank you, I didn’t expect that! I just wear what makes me feel good, I love clothes and accessories and I love feeling like I look good, it gives me confidence to stand tall and also I feel like I can express who I am before I talk if I like my outfit. My mum is to blames, she’s literally the most fashionable mum in the world and I grew in my love for shopping, clothes, style from her.

Do you have any hobbies outside of music and creative writing?

This question sometimes makes me feel boring because I feel like all my hobbies are intertwined at this point with music and being an artist. I did Irish dancing all my life but when I moved to London I stopped. I love makeup if that counts as a hobby, but I’ve also started editing videos and vlogging my days and not showing anyone lol. I do all my own artwork with my sister, and if It counts as a hobby I run and go to the gym.

If you could support and go on tour with any artist in the world who would it be and why?

Justin Bieber. 100%, It would just confirm to me anything is possible with faith and perseverance, being a “belieber” defined my early teens and I know how it feels to be a super fan and how much you can impact people with your music because of him, and it allowed me to understand the responsibility you hold as an influence on fans when you release music into the world. That would be a major full-circle moment.

To round off Neve, can you let the people know what’s coming from you for the remainder of 2022?

This year is the most exciting year of my life so far, I have a lot of songs coming, and potentially a collaboration or 2, that’s all I’m gonna say!

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