Marged: A Triumphant Return to the Spotlight With “Bounce Back”

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South London-based Welsh songstress Marged has made a vibrant comeback after a much-anticipated hiatus with her electrifying R&B/Pop anthem “Bounce Back,” which released on May 22nd.

Layering futuristic synths with rhythmic drum loops, “Bounce Back” features Marged’s signature, hard-hitting vocals, where she passionately sings, “I know you hate it but I’m rolling with my own decisions, I’ve had enough of your conspiracy theories.” This song narrates a tale of self-determination as Marged reclaims her spirit following a break-up, showcasing her impressively vast vocal range. Bounce Back was produced by her long-term friend and pop’s favorite Sakima (known for his work with Troye Sivan, Little Mix, and Tate McRae), “Bounce Back” effortlessly merges genres while perfectly combining heartfelt storytelling with addictive hooks. The creative synergy between Marged and Sakima is palpable, and the collaboration results in a rich, textured sound that both captivates and inspires. As Marged’s powerful voice soars over the dynamic instrumentals, she takes listeners on a journey of love, loss, and personal revival. “Bounce Back” is more than just a song; it’s a romantic anthem of resilience and empowerment, embodying the emotional highs and lows of rediscovering oneself after heartache.

Marged’s artistic vision shines through in the accompanying music video for “Bounce Back,” which is set in the iconic Peckham Men’s Liberal Club. The video presents a powerful juxtaposition, showcasing Marged as she reclaims a traditionally male-dominated space. With commanding performances to the camera and bold, strong poses, she exudes confidence and feminine energy, moving freely and expressively around the club.

Speaking about the video, Marged explains: “I wanted to create a world where a woman’s anger and self-assuredness could be expressed freely without consequence. The held statuesque poses slowly unraveling into rapid movements symbolise the process of reclaiming our bodies, again and again. Through these movements, I explore what it feels like to call on my body to support me through surviving violence and living in a world that continues to dehumanize my body. I hope the video portrays defiance, joy, cockiness, and a sense of certainty. Directing both the movement and the video was so important for me, enabling me to express myself fully, responding to my experiences with power and honoring the sacrifices I’ve made to be here. It’s about moving on my own terms, even when it’s painful, with nobody to answer to but myself.”

For those that like to know more, you may be wondering what Marged has been up to besides creating “Bounce Back”, well during her hiatus, Marged lent her vocal and dance talents to the Mercury Prize-winning and Brit Award-nominated sensation Self-Esteem. Touring globally, Marged’s contributions were pivotal in live shows, including performances on Jools Holland, BBC Radio 1’s Live Lounge, and at the legendary Glastonbury Festival. This period allowed Marged to delve deeply into vocal practice, understanding its transformative power not only for herself but as a medium for collective liberation. Her work during this time focused on themes of survivorship, recovery, and authenticity, exploring how the voice can be a powerful healing tool.

Returning to her musical path, Marged brings with her a newfound sense of purpose and a rich tapestry of experiences. With a series of releases planned for this year, she is poised to transcend musical boundaries, carving out a unique space in the industry. Marged is undoubtedly an artist to watch in 2024, as she continues to captivate audiences with her authentic sound and compelling performances.If anything is for certain, her return to the music scene with “Bounce Back” is not just a professional triumph, but a deeply personal and romantic reawakening. Each note and lyric of her story invites listeners to connect with their own experiences of love and self-discovery, making her music resonate on a profound level.




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