Ciinderella Balthazar Presents Home House Music Night

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On Thursday, May 2nd, I, Connor Mantle, experienced an evening of opulence and musical enchantment at the Ciinderella Balthazar & Diva Recordings Present… A Curated Music Night at Home House, renowned as London’s most magnificent private members’ club, steeped in the grandeur of the 18th century and the elegance of the 21st century. The event, graciously hosted by the illustrious Ciinderella Balthazar, a celebrated singer-songwriter and the creative visionary behind Diva Recordings, welcomed guests into an atmosphere of sophistication and refinement upon their arrival. The dress code of the evening, “Glamourous – Dress to Impress,” ensured that attendees adorned themselves in impeccable attire, setting the perfect tone for an evening of elevated elegance.

The event unfolded like a dream, surpassing every expectation with its enchanting blend of glamour and melody. As the evening progressed, the stage came alive with performances that left an indelible mark on the hearts of all present.

Faiith Lynch

Tadiwanashe, Faiith Lynch, Kara Marni, and the incomparable Ciinderella Balthazar graced the audience with their exceptional talent, weaving a tapestry of musical brilliance that resonated throughout the venue. From the moment guests arrived, they were greeted with a warm welcome and a complimentary drink, setting the perfect tone for an evening of pure delight. The poetry performance by Tadiwanashe at 7:45 PM was spellbinding, followed by the soul-stirring melodies of Faiith Lynch at 8:15 PM, if you like jazz such as Ray Charles “Hit The Road Jack” then boy Faaith is one to watch. By 9 PM, the stage was set for the captivating vocals of Kara Marni, leading up to the climactic moment at 10 PM when Ciinderella Balthazar graced us with her presence, accompanied by her live band including Isobelle Austin – Cellist and Corey Alexander – Drummer.

Ciinderella performance was a transcendent experience, touching the depths of our souls with songs like her masterpiece “Voices” and the heartfelt “Better On My Own”, which I must say is one of my favourites as it touches me to my core. Each song, a narrative woven from the threads of her own experiences, drew us in and held us captive, a testament to the power of storytelling through music. As the night unfolded, it became clear that Ciinderella’s inspiration comes from the depths of her being, as evidenced by her poignant song “Unsafe,” a reflection of the trials and triumphs encountered on the journey through the creative community. Indeed, it was an evening filled with beauty, emotion, and the undeniable magic of music.

Below you will find some of the footage captured by Niall Brennan of the nights event:

CREDITS (Ciinderella’s Team)

Hair – Tobia Bartolini

Makeup – NARS Cosmetics ( Olivera)

Manager – Mandy Bradbrook

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