Sam Way Releases New Single “Ember”

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Sam Way, a seasoned songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, with a heart of pure gold unveils his highly anticipated second single of 2024, “Ember,” bursting onto the music scene with a vibrant fusion of innovation and emotion.

Sam is a gentleman with a deep soul and “Ember” emerges from a deeply personal four-year journey, blossoming from a heartfelt acoustic creation nurtured within the walls of an East London flat. Under the guidance of acclaimed producers like Edward Abela and Paul Whaley, renowned for their collaborations with music icons such as Tom Grennan, Forth Daughter, and Amber Van Day, “Ember” undergoes a remarkable transformation into a mesmerising sonic gem. “Ember” promises an exhilarating fusion, seamlessly blending pulsating beats and electronic textures while preserving his signature poetic lyrics and soulful vocals.

With “Ember,” Sam captivates listeners, drawing them into a nostalgic realm reminiscent of Coldplay, enriched by ethereal dance beats that infuse the track with infectious energy from the very start. Its dreamy melody weaves a tapestry of emotions, seamlessly merging subtle melancholy with infectious dance rhythms that stir the soul. For example the lyrics ” Did I dream that fire I saw when I looked in your eyes’ conveys a sense of wonderment and reflection on a powerful emotional experience. It explores themes of uncertainty, perception, and the intensity of human connection and the lyrics “some things are better left unsaid” suggest to the listener that silence can be preferable to speech in certain circumstances, it prompts us to realise that not everything needs to be communicated or expressed verbally.

To conclude, Sam infuses modern production elements and lush synth pads, propelling the song toward a refreshing pop direction and “Ember” masterfully strikes a delicate balance between introspection and vibrant energy, inviting audiences on a captivating journey where emotions intertwine with irresistible rhythms, creating an immersive experience that resonates long after the music fades.




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