Roxie Nafousi x Dirtea Launch Event At W Hotel

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Entering the Roxie Nafousi x Dirtea event at the W Hotel in London was akin to immersing oneself in a world where the wisdom of nature and human ingenuity converged seamlessly. Throughout the evening, it became increasingly evident that Dirtea was more than just a brand—it embodied a lifestyle driven by a profound appreciation for mushrooms and their holistic benefits.

Founded by brothers Simon and Andrew, Dirtea emerged from a deeply personal journey of discovery. Their firsthand experience with the transformative effects of functional mushrooms in 2016, from improved sleep to heightened vitality and mental clarity, fueled their mission to share these findings with the world. This commitment to initiating a mushroom movement has been the driving force behind Dirtea’s evolution into what it is today—a testament to the brothers’ unwavering dedication and expertise. Simon and Andrew’s journey to become masters of mushrooms has been a culmination of years devoted to learning and exploration, a journey that they generously shared during their captivating presentation. Delving into every aspect, from sourcing and cultivation to understanding the unique properties of different mushroom varieties, they provided invaluable insights into the world of fungi.

The panel of gifted individuals extended beyond the founders, including Breathwork Coach Jamie Clements, mobility coach Roger Frampton, and self-development coach and speaker Roxie Nafousi, author of Manifest & Manifest For Kids.

Co-founder of Dirtea – Simon Salter
Roxie Nafousi – author of Manifest & Manifest For Kids
Breathwork Coach Jamie Clements

Breathwork and manifestation offer a plethora of benefits for holistic well-being and personal growth. For instance, breathwork techniques can aid in emotional regulation by providing a tool to manage and release pent-up emotions, fostering greater emotional resilience. Additionally, conscious breathing can stimulate energy flow throughout the body, promoting vitality and overall well-being. Roxie shared a powerful technique of maintaining a gratitude journal before bed, which has personally enhanced my well-being by encouraging self-reflection and introspection, leading to greater self-awareness and insight into desires and intentions. The technique of pulling an oracle card before bed also has yielded insightful results, one such as the empowering message “you’ll never know if you don’t try,” which set a positive tone for the following day’s endeavors at a private members house named Home House, where I was able to connect with fellow creatives in a confident and optimistic manner.

Your vision board does not need to be as big as this, yet if you’re seeing this then the universe is drawing you in to start visualisation and writing down what you want for the future and please most importantly remember when visualising keep an open heart to discover your pathway and release your full potential.

For individuals feeling stuck or seeking guidance, participating in classes led by experts in the holistic field can offer valuable tools and insights and when staying in the W London hotel under the intention stay package, you can find all Roxie’s self development products that she created with theheadplan to make your time even more delightful where you can be at peace and feel tranquility and this can be paired with Jamie Cliements breathwork sessions on the in room ipads, mobility sessions with Roger Frampton and last but not lease some delicious drinks from Dirtea.

To conclude as for those who attended the presentation and savoured the delightful drinks and canapés present at the launch event, it’s safe to say they left feeling a sense of peace and newfound inspiration, ready to embark on their journeys of growth and transformation.

Made In Chelsea Star Paris Smith with model and writer Connor Mantle
Paris Smith
Connor Mantle

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