Genaro Rivas Reveals SS25 Menswear Collection

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Peruvian designer Genaro Rivas made a sensational and eagerly anticipated debut in the menswear category at the illustrious June London Fashion Week, unveiling his breathtaking SS25 collection, “AERION.” This monumental occasion marks the second consecutive season that the Peruvian visionary has graced this prestigious fashion event, further solidifying Peru’s burgeoning presence on the global fashion stage.

Rivas’s “AERION” collection is a masterful exploration of the interplay between light and shadow, creating a mesmerising futuristic aesthetic that seamlessly intertwines the rich tapestry of Peruvian heritage with a contemporary and cutting-edge vision. Each piece in the collection is a testament to Rivas’s exceptional talent for blending tradition with innovation. He has meticulously selected ethically sourced materials, including luxurious alpaca wool, eco-friendly bamboo fibers, and the exquisite Incalpaca silk. This thoughtful selection of materials ensures that each garment not only stands as a beacon of style but also of sustainability and ethical fashion.

The collection showcases handwoven garments that are a true feast for the eyes, featuring a sophisticated color palette dominated by concrete tones and punctuated with vibrant accents of orange-red, ecru, and blue. This harmonious blend of timeless elegance and modern sophistication reflects Rivas’s unique ability to craft designs that are both rooted in heritage and forward-thinking.

Rivas’s unwavering commitment to sustainable fashion is evident throughout the “AERION” collection. His designs feature organic forms and responsible textiles, showcasing a deep respect for the environment. This dedication is further exemplified in his innovative use of materials, including Japanese silk provided by Saki Textiles, intricate Turkish brocades sourced from Fabric Textile Central, recycled cotton, and digitally printed linens from Maake. These materials, combined with traditional Peruvian textiles, create a rich and varied texture that adds depth and dimension to each piece. One of the standout features of the “AERION” collection is Rivas’s ingenious use of thermoformed acrylic. These unique, handmade pieces demonstrate his zero-waste vision and commitment to creating sustainable fashion without compromising on style or elegance.

In addition to his remarkable collection, Rivas continues to make waves with his East Fusion project, developed with the support of the Foundation For Future London and the Westfield Creative Future Funds. This ambitious initiative includes the creation of a comprehensive manual for developing collections in East London, a project that Rivas began during his studies at the renowned London College of Fashion.

The debut of “AERION” at London Fashion Week has firmly established Genaro Rivas as a formidable force in the fashion world. His ability to merge cultural heritage with avant-garde design and sustainability is nothing short of extraordinary. Rivas’s work not only pays homage to his Peruvian roots but also sets a new standard for innovative and sustainable fashion on a global scale. His visionary approach and dedication to ethical fashion continue to inspire and captivate audiences, solidifying his position as a leading light in the world of high fashion.

We Origins Of CJM, had the pleasure of having seven of our wonderful models walk in Genaro show and you can see some photos of them below.

Alfie Coe (Photo by Luana Radovic)
Charlie Corcoran signed with Origins Of CJM walks the runway at the Aerion – Genaro Rivas show during London Fashion Week June 2024 on June 08, 2024 . (Photo by Luca Stine)
Gareth Henry sporting look 2 oversized cocoon coat over silk, bamboo and alpaca short. (Photo by Luana Radovic)
Lewys Havard – (Photo by Luana Radovic)
Nadir Mehdi – (Photo by Luca Stine)
Sean Mclean (Photo by Luca Stine)
Wilden Egenti (Photo by Luca Stine)

Meet the team involved with Genaro Rivas show:

Hairstyling by Richard Phillipart x myorganics_oficial

Make up by Morgan Dee

Music by prado.mp3_

Production by Kostiantyn Lieontiev

Styling by Gracie Sutton and Genaro Rivas

Casting by Ray x Catapult Models

Models (Alfie Coe, Charlie Corcoran, Gareth Henry, Lewys Havard, Nadir Mehdi, Sean Mclean and Wilden Egenti) by Origins Of CJM

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