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With London Fashion Week now concluding, the allure of the fashion world can still be experienced through the highly engaging TV series “Geek Girl” on Netflix. Adapted from Holly Smale’s bestselling series that began in 2013, “Geek Girl” follows the unique and charming journey of red-headed protagonist Harriet Manners, portrayed by Emily Carey. Harriet, a self-declared geek, is known for her love of odd facts and logical arguments, but she often struggles with social interactions, I find this blend of exuberance and vulnerability makes her a character many viewers can relate to.

Harriet is the kind of model any agency would treasure—one who doesn’t even realise her own potential. Her entrance into the fashion industry is serendipitous, thanks to a combination of her school Hollybridge Secondary School being invited to London Fashion Week through a competition win and her determined friend Nat, played by Rochelle Harrington, who has her own dream of modelling propels Harriet into this glamorous yet challenging world. Despite Harriet not dressing the part at a fashion show, destiny finds her in the most unexpected way—by literally knocking down mannequins leading to her being scouted by Wilbur and Betty, played with joyful eccentricity by Emmanuel Imani and Hebe Beardsall. This twist of fate highlights the unpredictable nature of the fashion industry, where opportunities can arise from the most unlikely scenarios. The only downfall of this circumstance was that mean group led by Lexi (Mia Jenkins) and her minions Ollie (James Craven (XI) ) and Liv (Madeleine price), captured the fall and made Harriet viral on social media, that said these are school bullies and compared to talent agent Jude Paignton (Sarah Parish) and in demand model Poppy Hepple-Cartwright (Daisy Jelley), Harriet school bullies come of as Golden Retrievers. I must say though I really do enjoy watching Sarah and Daisy bring Jude and Poppy’s characters to life and the show would not be the same without them.

Toby Pilgrim portrayed by Zac Looker and Harriet Manners, portrayed by Emily Carey

Also making up the stellar cast is Poppy fake love interest, Golden boy Nick Park (liam Woodrum) who just so happens to have a soft spot for Harriet and his fashion designer aunt’s character is fitting with the fashion industry to say the least Yuji Lee (Sandra Yi Sencindiver). Last but not least Harriet’s quirky friend Toby Pilgrim (Zac Looker) who has got great hair but alas can’t see the talent socials and Harriet’s supportive father Richard Manners (Tim Downie) who is the perfect example of a father who supports his daughter to the fullest but has no understanding of the industry, haha Tim you play the character to a tee and you bring much comedy to the show and balance out you costar Harriet stepmother Annabel Manners (Jemima Rooper) incredibly well, we do feel as Harriet’s rise continues, Annabel brain and savvy mind will be of much help when it comes down to contracts.

Now that we’ve broken down the cast credits, the series itself was co-written by Smale and Jessica Ruston. Geek Girl’s episodes are concise and maintains a lively pace throughout. Within the first few episodes, Harriet’s geek credentials are firmly established and the narrative remains fresh, funny, and engaging, and each character, from lead to recurring, shines in their own unique way. The casting by Rob Kelly is spot-on, bringing depth and authenticity to the story.

A fascinating aspect of “Geek Girl” is its subtle portrayal of Harriet’s neurodivergence through her obsessive interests, use of headphones in class, and internal struggles in overwhelming environments. Although the series does not explicitly label Harriet as autistic, these elements add depth to her character and open up meaningful conversations about visibility and eccentricity without resorting to labels. This is particularly vital in the fashion industry, where the celebration of individuality and uniqueness is paramount. The series provides hope and inspiration to many who may not fit the traditional mold of a model. It suggests that one can be successful in the fashion world despite, or perhaps because of, their unique quirks and challenges. Harriet’s journey shows that severe anxiety or other personal struggles need not be barriers to success. If you have the passion and determination, the fashion industry has room for everyone.

Harriet Manners, portrayed by Emily Carey at London Fashion Week

“Geek Girl” not only entertains but also challenges stereotypes and encourages viewers to embrace their true selves. As the series progresses, we eagerly anticipate Harriet’s continued journey in the world of fashion and beyond. Having some of our own models and actors appear in a potential second season of “Geek Girl” would be a tremendous achievement, showcasing their talents and adding to the vibrant tapestry of characters that make the series so compelling.

I highly recommend this series to anyone interested in fashion and the way modelling industries work and you can get a glimpse of Geek Girl with the trailer below and we hope you enjoy the show as much as we do. 🙂

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