Jeremy Black Releases New Single “Part of Me” Feat IUMA

Jeremy Black
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Hailing from California, Jeremy Black is a long-time indie producer and composer whose now based in the city of Berlin. He spent his formative years as a regular collaborator of pop producer John Hill (Portugal The Man, Santigold) and is also an original member of Justin Vernon’s (Bon Iver) and The National’s ‘PEOPLE Collective’.

Jeremy’s third EP was released on August 12th, the third in a series of four, experimenting with genre and sound by blending elements of techno, garage, lofi, hip hop and ambient. Outside of the EP collection Black was featured on Dustin Zahn’s latest LP Gain Of Function out on Rekids and has proved to be one of the biggest techno releases of 2021.

The EP’s title track “Part of Me” features vocals from IUMA, a Cologne based singer Julia Leimenstoll, whose poppy and catchy volcas gives the song a great hook line. The track’s groovy rhythm and dance friendly garage melts with IUMA’s great vocals and poppy structure. Iuma’s transparent sensibility make up a large part of her lyrics and personality. Unflinchingly honest, Iuma manages to transport her art with a certain ease and at the same time hit the heart, regardless of whether she accompanies herself on the piano or with driving pop beats.

Jeremy states that the new single Part Of Me (ft. IUMA) “Is a song that touches on the minds ability to create things that aren’t real. As a child I had a deep fear of being alone in the dark and really believed at times that there was something else out there. Looking back I think it represents the minds ability to be creative and create something from nothing.” For most individuals sometimes the mind creates a safe space that can perhaps distort reality to make them come to peace with their daily life situations.

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