Borna Tnejad, Releases “Stop The Clock”

Borna Tnejad new song Stop The Clock
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LA-based artist and fire sign Sagittarius Borna Tnejad releases his brand new single, Stop the Clock. Sine 2019 Borna Tnejad has been making music professionally and his new music takes us on another journey yet again. Gifted with a strong sense of imagination, the self taught singer/songwriter and producer is opening up about his biggest fear, running out of time, in his latest song.

Now it’s very true that many fear ageing and time passing, however those that have the condition Chronophobia fear it more than most and the condition can often be caused through severe trauma. Now we are unsure if Borna’s alter ego fears this phobia, however we do know Borna wrote Stop the Clock as a bridge between the two sides and over the last few months Borna has discovered an obsession over exploring his alter-ego.

The first verse of the new track opens up about the reality of routine daily life. One that would consist of a day job, and it resonates with him and many other uprising artists, who are trying to make it. Borna states “Sometimes it is hard to keep juggling all the work between having a day job and being an active artist, and that makes it feel lonely at times.”

The chorus resonates with a load of having to be two completely different and fully functional persons on a daily basis. The second half of the song, however, sets a completely different tone. Ie enables the twenty three year old Iraninan-American artist to rewind the clock and take the time back to the beginning and start life through his alter-ego. His alter ego is a much more confident and happier life that is no longer spent alone, a life that can flourish with every passing beat.

Borna’s vibrant choice of the production of his new single.

That’s right, when it came to the production side, Borna goes on to say “The music had to be happy. Not necessarily the kind that you dance to, but at least the type you’d drive down the PCH to. It had to be bright pink even though life is sometimes blue.”

Borna draws huge inspirations from icons like Harry Styles, FINNEAS, and The Weeknd, hence Stop the Clock carries a taste of Brit Pop, Disco, and Alt-Pop. Borna wrote the bridge as a tension build up that dances on the border between the artist’s two universes, and he finally ends the journey with an Acapella chorus. A soft, poetic, and calming peace that is only appropriate after a fairly long tension build up in the bridge followed by a massive climax.

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