Ivy Ash Releases “You, Not Me”

Ivy Ash
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A new song called “You, Not Me” by Ivy Ash came out this week and it certainly has been appraised, it’s been named TRACK OF THE WEEK by BBC Music Introducing Leicester (as chosen by Dean Jackson). How would you describe Ivy Ash’s latest track “You, Not Me”, well it is a stomping, electro-pop beat; sassy pop melodies, and a pulsating message of empowerment.

As someone who is passionate about shaping the future of the industry, Ivy is brushing up on her knowledge and preparing to take the music business by storm. Besides making music, she is also going into her 3rd year of Music Business studies at BIMM in Birmingham and works part-time as a Music Publishing Assistant.

Ivy states the following on her new track “You, Not Me is the second track to come out of my ‘Developing Your Creative Practice’ project with Arts Council England. I wrote this song during my development and creation time within the third quarter of 2021, it was one of those songs that happened so naturally, the lyrics poured out and it was a process that I couldn’t stop if I tried. “You, Not Me” is fearless, confident, and no-nonsense. I believe that everyone should be free to be themselves, and I want to hammer that message home.”

Her message sits with many viewers and there are so many benefits of being yourself:

You’ll be happier if you do the things you want to do – your happiness comes first

You can inspire others by showing them it’s ok to be themselves

Your confidence will blossom and you will manifest more

You’ll attract the right people – you are what you’re around

You won’t have anything to prove  – trying to impress others is irrelevant

You can listen to You, Not Me on our playlist Mysterium

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Young entrepreneur and freelance model. Founder of the AW20 Hope & Glory Fashion show, with interests in mythology, spiritualism and astrology among many others. One can be contacted via Instagram @Connormantle

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