Andy Ross Releases Single All American Heart

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Andy Ross shines light on the hard-working, blue-collar patriots in his latest single titled “All American Heart.” Dubbed the ‘heartbeat of America’ by Ross, “All American Heart” celebrates the working class who keep this country running while embracing the American way of life. The story behind the lyrics aligns with Andy himself, as he shows with hard work and determination you can chase dreams and his work has paid off with the country rock artist becoming not only a tv host but also the CEO of a publicly-traded company titled American Rebel

In times of pain, some voices are unheard and his new song gives a voice to those who may not feel heard, “It’s easy to give credit to a certain group of people, but if the corn farmer or waste management guys aren’t doing their jobs, there’s gonna be a problem,” Ross explains. The beauty of the new song is that Ross is aiming to glorify all those that are not lit up in society whether that be from social status or ethnicity.

In terms of what others think, Cowboy Lifestyle Network said the following on the track, “Another ode to the American people, All-American Heart pays tribute to those who make our country run- from farmers to teachers and everyone in between”.

We all have goals and Andy Shares “The goal was to write a song for the hard working men and women of this country that would pull on the heartstrings of America,” Ross continues. “I think we nailed it. I’m hoping All American Heart will be the new anthem for the heartbeat of America.”  To Andy’s joy it certainly has become a featured track on Apple Music’s Best New Country Songs.

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