Johnny & The Mongrels Release “Big Screen”

Big Screen
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There’s something truly special about New Orleans-inspired music. Johnny & The Mongrels’ new single “Big Screen,” encapsulates the unique feeling of summertime with a powerful ballad that transports the listener straight out of a movie scene with a cinematic score of everlasting love and friendship. Eternal love, appreciation, friendship, and unwavering support for musical aspirations are the cornerstones of “Big Screen” themes lyrically and musically.

Jeff Bostic, the bass player, vocalist, and songwriter, shares his inspiration for “Big Screen”: “Meeting my best friend and love of my life Kristen Shepard. The fountain of feelings and emotions it created poured out of my fingers and onto the keys of our family’s baby grand piano as I wrote the song. I do not doubt that this is a forever love. You are the kindest human I have ever met and completely supportive of my love and drive for music. This song is for you, Kristen, and I love you.”

Jeff wrote the lyrics and music for “Big Screen” on his family’s baby grand piano, showcasing the irresistible piano hook that opens the new song. Adding strings – fiddle and cello – with the accompanying guitar, keys, and masterful drumming add alluring texture to the song’s composition. The cast of musicians, production team, and engineers are a who’s who of Louisiana, Colorado, and Tennessee artists.

The Mongrels’ extended band family and musicians include Eddie Christmas (Drums), James Dumm (Guitar), Phil Breen (Keys), Anne Harris (Fiddle), and Brian Sutherland (Cello). The recording at Dockside Studios in Maurice, Louisiana, was integral to capturing the rich musical score with Bostic’s mesmerizing vocals. Bent River label boss and producer Joebaby Michaels with guitarist James Dumm, who assisted at the production helm with Jeff Bostic, skillfully conducts and moves all the musical parts, creating a sonic jewel. The talent and wizardry of engineer Justin Tocket from Dockside Studios nails down a dynamic mix of the song. The bonus for the track is the phenomenal mastering and mixing in Dolby Atmos by Brad Smalling at Evergroove Studios in Evergreen, Colorado.

In a world where darkness can dim the light, Big Screen reminds us of how much love is still left in the world and Jeff Bostic says it best: “This song comes from the deepest parts of my heart and soul. There are points where you can hear my voice slightly break into a rasp. This is pure and true emotion. I hope all who hear it can feel this emotion, and it transfers to anyone they share it with. The world can always use more Love, and I hope this beautiful love song helps create more of it.”

You can listen to Big Screen on our playlist Heartbreak Hotel

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