LAHGO, Releases Debut EP “Chasing The City”

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A new beginning may just be the start of something life changing and a change can certainly be ever so exciting. If that draws you in then you may just enjoy LAHGO new EP “Chasing The City”, the EP is packed with energy and attitude and it’s filled with tension and mood. If the past was the prehistoric age, LAHGO new EP certainly is the space age, the EP launches at full speed and it should certainly be listened to.

For those cherished souls that may not know, LAHGO is headed by front-woman Mel Bailey and the band combines neo-soul, honeyed vocals with big riffs, introducing listeners to the birth of a new blend of soul and rock. The Sydney-based outfit has turned heads since making their debut in 2021, selling out headline shows of 420+ pax at the Lansdowne and Oxford Art Factory, as well as supporting the likes of Don West and Sloan Peterson. They also landed a finalist spot for The Terry’s Battle of the Bands Australia Tour.

The end of 2022 saw them release the first three singles off their debut EP, and just five months in, they’ve already amassed 70k + Spotify streams and a peak monthly listenership of more than 6,500. Taking cues from the likes of English rock bands Arctic Monkeys and  Wolf Alice, LAHGO reflect on key moments in life and time, crafting them into their own unique sound. Lahgo’s EP“Chasing the City” embodies this entirely, exploring a broad range of sounds that evoke a broad range of feelings, truly reflecting the times during which it was written.

The EP is a constant exploration of tension and release, a reflection of dark times interspersed with hopeful moments. We see this as the moody opening track resolves into the fun and funky “Control”, which then in turn gives way to the dark, brooding “Racing Tracks”. We also see this explored within the songs themselves, as soulful verses transition seamlessly into high energy, rock choruses, truly showcasing Bailey’s nuanced delivery, and the band’s ability to deliver unique arrangements that keep listeners engrossed.

“Chasing the City” is also very much the reflection of the formation of both a band and a friendship. It’s an honest window into the lives of a passionate group of people chasing what they love, and often, to use lyrics from the ending track “Thrive”, “learning the hard way to fly”. The band hopes you enjoy the journey that is “Chasing the City” as much as they did on their own journey to create it.

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