Interview: CXLOE Shares “Till The Wheels Fall Off”

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CXLOE, hello! Could you briefly describe what you do and how you got to where you are now? 

I’m a singer songwriter from Australia! I currently live in Los Angeles and got to where I am today by constantly travelling back and forth to Los Angeles, meeting new people, working with different creatives until I found enough of a community to leave Australia and move permanently.

How does the new song “Till The Wheels Fall Off” represent this new musical chapter and how does it relate to where you are as an artist right now? 

It touches on new concepts that I usually don’t write about and sonically goes a little darker, but still has that pop sensibility which I try to bring into all my songs. It releates to where I am now as an artist as life can still get heavy, especially coming out of the pandemic and finding my feet, so all I know is how to write my way through it!

CXLOE, have you been a music lover since you were young? Why did you make the decision to write your own music?

Yes I have! I made the decision to write my own music as I had trouble expressing my feelings and this was the best way for me to do that.

What, in your opinion, has so far surprised you the most about your career or the music business as a whole?

Probably that it’s not just about the music! There are so many other jobs and roles that go along with it that take you away from the music. Especially as an independent artist.


Who would you like to work with if you could only pick one person, and why?

Matt Healy! I think he’s a brilliant musician and performer, I love his songwriting and risk-taking!

What was the first concert you saw and what inspires you the most CXLOE?

 The first concert I saw was Paramore! Seeing Hayley Williams totally inspired me to be a performer. Making people feel less alone through music inspires me the most.

Do you have any future performances? Is there a certain location, event, or festival you’d want to play, and why? 

I’d love to play Coachella one day! Having spent so long in Los Angeles, I’d love to one day play there as I feel like it would be very sentimental, and just epic!

Going back to your roots how did your hometown/city shape who you are? 

My hometown in Sydney, Australia shaped who I am massively in terms of work ethic. My dad runs a small business and so did a lot of other people in my life. This taught me that you have to constantly work at your craft and that you’re in charge of your future 🙂

What do you want your fans and listeners to remember most about your single Till The Wheels Fall Off?

That pop music is alive and well!!

To finish off with what is next in the pipeline for you?

My next EP, Heavy Part II 🙂

Bonus question – What’s your favourite book?

My favorite book is Untamed by Glennon Doyle. I read it every couple of months as it reminds me that it’s okay to not be ok sometimes and that positive self-talk is so important.

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