Malan Breton and Perverse Demand Showcase SS23 Collections

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On behalf of Origins Of CJM and our Editor In Chief Connor Mantle, on Sunday 18th September one had the pleasure of attending the fashion show Malan Breton SS23 and Menswear designer Nathan Palmer and his brand Perverse Demand both presented by This Is Icon in conjunction with aiding the charity Prost8. A notable charity that raises funds with the aim of getting men earlier screenings and better treatment plans, with one of their aims being to deploy focal therapy equipment into NHS hospitals. 

Before Malan Breton debuted, the evening started with a drinks reception and we must give credit to all those involved in the preparation of the showcase, with a special shout-out to Buzz Talent Management and their CEO Helen Georgio for putting on a marvelous event. In attendance were model Coralie Fox, dancer Abbie Quinnen and Ms. Great Britain 20/21 April Banbury who has worked with Nathan Palmer on many occasions. Besides these talents mentioned, many other notable figures were in attendance.

One had the honour of speaking with 25-year-old Azerbaijani singer/songwriter, actor and model from California, Emin Zada, who was invited to the gala as an influencer. His music-producing roots began in classical and opera music, where he now takes influence from his inspiration, Lady Gaga to produce a unique stream of Electro-pop. At the gala, Emin was sporting a striking smart-casual pink suit that portrays his vibrant yet calm and sophisticated character. His white trainers and his assortment of classy white pearl necklaces complimenting his silk shirt, and his navy Polo Ralph Lauren baseball cap playing homage to his American upbringing, as he aimed to merge American and British culture as the “American boy in London”.


Emin enjoyed viewing the Malan Breton and Perverse Demand collection and hopes to collaborate with the designers in the future by promoting his sophisticated and casual style. Knowing close friends and family who have experienced prostate cancer, Emin also enjoyed seeing the effort of Prost8 and all those involved in organising the gala and raising awareness for the vital cause. Currently, Emin is working on his new EP “Sociopath”, and has also featured on magazines Wonderland and Notion among others.

Also In attendance at the Gala was Australian fashion model Emma Lucille. She attended the event excited to see the designs showcased, but also to support Prost8 as she recognises prostate cancer as an extremely aggressive and painful ordeal for sufferers. Emma’s recent modelling work features a recent publication on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar, where she was captured on a beach in Tuscany. She is also excited to be attending Milan Fashion Week in a few days before returning to London to carry on working in fashion. On the eventide event Emma was wearing a sparkling diamante sheer dress that showcased her feminine features, accompanied with a relaxed-fit smart obsidian jacket.

Her style portrays her admiration of clothing that exhibits the female body in a gratuitous and sexy way, as she appreciates outfits that showcases a model’s waistline and shoulders; outrageous and unique looks are her forte, as she exerts confidence in her stride. Emma’s passion in modelling and fashion stems from her admiration that fashion is a personal expression for many people. She is considering using her unique style and creative eye in making her own clothing line that features the same sheer textures and sharp angles she is wearing today. The innovation of London’s creative industry and the classical architecture of the city inspires her fondness of London, as her time at London Fashion Week may convince her to base a unique clothing line in the city – or so we hope!

Malan Breton showcase

Rounding up some of our favourite looks from Malan’s show are as follows:

Malan Breton - Mariam Abdallah
23-Year-old adventurous Egyptian model Mariam Abdallah rocking a red dress on the runway
Malan Breton
With beautiful blue eyes to match her dazzling dress we have model Indre Novikaiite
The question on the hour is does Nathalia Campos love Avocados as much as she loves this dress?
We like an individual who is dedicated and goal-oriented and Oksana Jesipenko certainly shows that with the right work ethic you can accomplish everything your heart desires.
On to the males for the show we have Tunga Jerome from First Model Management. Tunga is a london based actor and model who is interested in marine biology and we must admit the colours of the ocean certainly do work to his complexion.

Catch a glimpse of the exclusive showcase below:

Perverse Demand showcase

The second part of the evening contained Perverse Demand showcase, all of the photos below of Nathans collection were taken by Alla Bogdanovic, a photographer whose work has featured on Vogue Italia, Sky Arts and 2020 Rankin among others. Some of our favourites looks are as follows:

Jamie Williams from BMA Models sporting a magnificent shade of orange
New to social media we have Rico
One of Nathan Palmers original models is Kimani J Smith sporting a snowflake white outfit, one of our favourite pieces of the Perverse Demand collection 🙂
Nathan Orr is a South Shields model represented by Buzz Talent, he embodies the brand well and stays true to the saying “believe you deserve it and the universe will serve it”.
Showcasing summervibes we have musician Ky Lewis in a mint green suit
Ed Divaldo showing us we must work hard to accomplish our dreams
Last but certainly not least we have our model and musician Eugene giving it his all in this enchanting pink suit, we couldn’t be more proud of you and we look forward to seeing you walk next month for nasty Empire, tickets of which can be located here!

With an enchanting venue with designs to match, both designers did the fashion world justice and many look forward to what they will both bring to their next collection.


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