Vampire Academy Review – A New World Of Moroi, Strigoi & Dhampir Guardians

Vampire Academy
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Eternal beauty is all that matters said the vampires whose hearts turned cold the moment they turned. That may be true for Strigoi however it is far from the truth in the “Vampire Academy” where Moroi are taught, these vampires are born not made. 

I hold on to my youth and that is the best gift of them all, where as you fade away with every passing moment would be the stereotype of most vampires portrayed throughout history. However in this adaption of this vampire kingdom vampires also known as Moroi may be beautiful but they are not immortal nor burn up in flames when sunlight touches them yet it does burn. They eat food on top of drinking blood from their lovely donors and due to not being invisible they need to be protected by Dhampir guardians, (half human/half vampires) which are raised to serve as they are deemed as more second class citizens, still better than commoners though. Guardians protect from the evil strigoi who symbolise the very core of how vampires have been portrayed since dawn as blood sucking monsters of which only come out at night. 

What is interesting in the Vampire Academy is that Moroi are not exactly weak they posess many wonderful gifts and magical abilities based around the four elements, water, air, fire and earth. Sadly in ceremony they must choose the fraction of which they will enter which was incredibly hard for Sonya Karp (Jonetta Kaiser), also known as bird lady, which may have been triggered by the electroshock therapy she recieved. Sonya is such an interesting character with great warmth and likeability and what is nice though is like typical siblings differ she is the polar opposite of her sister Mia Karp (Mia Mckenna-Bruce) whose only care is power and being better than others, money, power and control would sum up Mia well from initial stance however much more makes up her character and perhaps her attitude is a cry for attention or deep pain she is encountering from within. I mean you do feel bad the fact that she was going to be queen as she was to marry the charming Andre Dragomir (Jason Diaz), Lissa (Daniela Nieves) brother but alas Lissa family met a fatal end in a limousine crash resulting in no marriage proposal, is Mia more upset about her loss of potential power or her former flame, we will let you decide that.

Sadly Dimitri wasn’t the only casualty, Lissa’s whole family of the Dragomir’s family were wiped out resulting in her now being the family patriach, for a princess happily chasing life and wanting to explore the world, she is thrown into a world where her choices are taken away. At least her best friend/Dhampir guardian Rose (Sisi Stringer) survived the crash so that didn’t change. That said perhaps this crash created an energetic bond between the two, Rose Hathaway may always desire to be number one of the rankings of Dhampir novices and with her new found power she may just get her way, if she is not kicked out of St Vladmir’s academy. Rose may have been saved by Lissa once as Lissa has been chosen by the 200 hundred year old Queen (Pik Sen Lim) to proceed her, however when the committee find out royal Moroi Christan Ozera (André Dae Kim) rigged the ceremony to protect princess Lissa all may change. It may result in both of them and Rose being banished. He is intelligent so If all goes well Lissa will be Queen, Rose will be the new Queens guardian and for outcast Christian due to his parents dyeing and choosing to become Strigoi. If he weds the new queen his popularity will grow, that’s just room for thought as the relationship has not even blossomed yet and all is at stake when secrets are at play. 

Also making up the cast we have strategist Meredith (Rhian Blundell) and popular Mason (Andrew Liner), who are Rose’s competitors and the latter being a potential love interest, if Rose’s eyes dont get set on Lissa’s new guardian the disciplined and committed Dimitri (Kieron Moore (III) ). Alberta (Jennifer Kirby (II) ) is in charge of the guardians so she would soon intervene if passion took over instead of what they were born to do which is protect. We have Lissa’s godfather Moroi noble Victor Dashkov (J. August Richards) whose father of Sonya and Mia and Lord Jesse Zeklos (Joseph Ollman) who we just know is a bad egg, a different type of bad though to the power-hungry Moroi that do not want Lizza to succeed the throne.

Get a glimpse of the Vampire Academy with the trailer below and we hope you enjoy the show as much as we do. 🙂

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