CXLOE Releases Flight Risk

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We had the pleasure of interviewing CXLOE back in February with her single “Till The Wheels Fall Off” which received commercial success as being the number 1 most-played song on Triple J. Since our interview with CXLOE, she has grown from strength to strength with the success of radio plays and print features. CXLOE has also gained honors with her feature in Rolling Stone AU&NZ Women in Music Issue and back-to-back years nominated for Rolling Stones Reachers Choice Award. We could not be prouder to have the absolute pleasure of announcing her new single titled “Flight Risk”, we certainly are a fan and it’s no wonder why it’s been added to our Spotify playlist Heartbreak Hotel. Flight Risk runs deep and the musician felt so strongly to how the lyrics resonate with her own feelings that she announced them early to her fans over on her socials.

The lyrics deserve a moment to themselves and “Flight Risk” is the crossroad in life when you have to look at yourself in the mirror and either accept the things in life as they are and proactively change it or allow them to hold you back. CXLOE evaluates this notion on this record “This is my ‘leave now or forever hold your peace’ song. It’s written with a ‘stream of consciousness’ flow which easily becomes my most vulnerable song to date. And my proudest! I owe so much of that to my brilliant co-writer Eric Leva. Throughout my life I’ve often felt that my deeply emotional nature has molded me into somewhat of a liability. So much so that I’ve convinced myself that distance is the only way to avoid pain.

We very much admire how hard CXLOE works and her standpoint on life that you are indeed in charge of your future. CXLOE possesses much power, she writes about her feelings and there is so much strength and self-awareness in that, in a world where we may be seen as too emotional, we can utilise that to our strengths and allow our creativity to truly blossom through art and music. We finish with the following that CXLOE shares “Flight risk is a stream of consciousness song about the fear of hurting someone you love, so running away seems like the best and only option. It’s a 3 minute 20 inner monologue that lays out all my flaws in the hope of finding some answers. The production feels very bipolar and doesn’t let you relax even if you think its safe to.”



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