Kelsy Karter and The Heroines Deliver Hope with “Love Goes On”

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Back in February we did an interview with Kelsy Karter and it was titled “Why Kelsy Karter Should Be On Your Radar For 2023“, before you go further we certainly recommend giving it a read so you can get to delve deeper into getting to know the New Zealand rock and roll artist who resides in LA and also check out her viral covers of “Crying” and “Alone” which had her fans in a rave. Back in February the band and Kelsy were in rehearsals creating a whole new show and we believe that show was the band’s great tour with Billy Idol, an iconic musician in the 1980s of punk rock known for “Dancing With Myself”, “White Wedding” and “Eyes Without A Face” among many others.

Kelsy Karter & The Heroines release the brand new single “Love Goes On” which reminds you of a big classic rock record, paying homage to our playlist Heartbreak Hotel, we certainly had to give it some adoration. Discussing heartbreak, it comes with a lot of pain, doubt, and self reflection and “Love Goes On” is the anthem for those in the position of navigating the slippery slope of love. Love comes in multiple forms: and no matter how it treated you in the past there is always room for more. Whether it’s in the form of self-love, romantic love and even platonic, we are all navigating our path back to love. For those that may be burnt out due to them having been burned by love many times it can be incredibly hard to believe that attachment can be a good thing, but through heartbreak we find ourselves and love finds its way to us when we are not always seeking it.

Kelsy shares the following on Love Goes On “My last album was all about heartbreak because that’s what I was going through at the time. But now I’m sober from the pain and I wanted to write a song to celebrate that. I watched some of my closest friends go through heartbreak this past year and I think this song offers some wisdom to anyone going through it. I’ve been there. And I’ve become stronger from it. We wanted it to be fun, electric and empowering. Cause baby, love goes on”.  A song with a title that spreads such a strong message, no matter how much pain one can endure, you must remember that love will always find a way to you.


Kelsy Karter & The Heroines


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