Top Enchanting Hits From 2021 – Week 45

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The Bottom by Gracie Abrams 

They do say the best singers are from LA, and well I can’t argue with this, Gracie Abrams song “The Bottom” is addictive, think of a song suitable for psychopathic lovers and that’s one way you could sum up this song and the lyrics ”regret being too honest” relates to us all after sharing our heart we often realise that it was shared with wrong individual.

Feel like shit by Tate Mcrae

The song showcases the ups and downs of a relationship in 3 minutes, you can feel the emotions in Tate’s vocals. And one must say a big thank you to Michelle Dawley for the creative vision, choreography and direction of the song, an amazing team that has created a phenomenal video.Tate has her tour starting in January 2022, and although ticketmaster shows limited availability there may still be a way to go, one would recommend contacting the venue directly to witness the artist in live action.

Hurt Less by LØLØ

LØLØ is a Canadian singer-songwriter who gained popularity on TikTok for reimagining influential music hits, most notably, her version of Taylor Swift’s “Betty” from “Betty’s perspective,” which has since accumulated nearly 500k views on YouTube. Scorpio’s are known for their artistic temperament that distinguishes them from the crowd and LØLØ certainly is standing true to that . Her latest song “Hurt Less” really does show how much an individual can break us, knock us down to the point where being pushed down the stairs will hurt less. We know about energy vampires and this song sums that up in a short duration of time.

Let you by Iann dior

I first started listening to iann when he collaborated with Machine Gun Kelly and he’s only grown from strength to strength. The video to Iann Dior’s new song “Let You” is rad, if you’re a fan of mystery and circuses then you will certainly find no faults in the production. If one was able to stand all night long then they certainly would be at the 02 on Monday 24th January. To secure some tickets head over to here and I hope you enjoy Iann performance.

Already Dead by Juice WRLD

This song really did make me feel emotion in many ways and I felt that this song needs to be listened to even if it’s not your genre as it speaks honesty to the core. The lyrics resonate with what the artist was feeling and “I’ve been dead for years” is scary knowing that this song has been released after the artist’s tragic passing. I hope those that are feeling the same way and relate to the words know that you have got so much potential and you are loved.

Cool Kids by Justus Bennetts 

A song to bring a smile to the face, plus who doesn’t love high school cough cough. What clique were you in? The lyrics show that life begins after highschool and whether you were prom king or the guy suffering from social suicide then it doesn’t mean that your future has to be the same. The artist has the right balance of rapping and singing and it’s a song that really does gain my approval, what’s next for the Seattle based artist.

Teardrop by Poppy Baskcomb

I’ve been obsessed with the tv show “Physical” recently and I really think this song would be a perfect song to add to the show’s soundtrack. Poppy, have your manager reach out to Marcelle Simpson to make this happen if you feel the same way. Teardrop has a 80’s feel fused with modern pop sound and we couldn’t ask for any more..

Blondes by Blu DeTiger

A pop song that makes you consider how stereotypes are often misplaced. The lyrics “They say that blondes, they have more fun, get what they want, why am I so different” makes you really think about how pop culture has depicted them throughout the ages for example Regina George in Mean Girls among many other examples, well hopefully that stereotype will change in due course.  Earlier this month Blue Detiger signed with Capitol Records and this is the first of many songs that will be released with the record we hope. The world is your oyster and you certainly have much more to give. 

World We Used to Know by Alan Walker & Winona Oak

For all Walker fans, you will love the new single “World We Used to Know” with talented Winona Oak. World We Used To Know is the 11th track on the upcoming album, World of Walker which will be released on November 26th. The song has elements of enchantment and 50 seconds in reminds of “The Pied Piper” leading everyone astray, before we lose our control we get back to some soft and soothing lyrics by the artists. To finalise the song one has to say it has a beautiful melody and the visuals are dystopian based and remind me a little of the “Divergent series”. 

Bite Me by Avril Lavingne 

Bite me has garnered nearly 4 million streams on Youtube ans one can imagine this number will continue to grow with every passing day, but why one may ask? Well the answer is pretty self explicit the song is a masterpiece and gives many of us the nostalgia of our childhoods. Avril is performing in London in March 2022 and tickets can be located for this superstar tour here. Pop punk at its finest, go give this tune some love now it’s demanded of you. 

Didnt know shit by LOVA (Feat JC Stewart & Kina)

Is anyone else favouring the video of “Didn’t Know Shit”, originally I thought JC Stewart had changed up his hair in the video, embodying the rock and roll style of the 70’s, however after research I believe this would be Joel who was one of the talents behind writing the lyrics with LOVA. The visuals so far of what to expect from the video are pretty swell and the song has gained much support from the songwriters friends such as Penny Parnervik, Clara Mae, Hanna Ferm  and IMENELLA among many others.

Sugared Up by Twst 

I’m not a fan of christmas songs but this is one song that I can get behind fully plus the artist is Welsh and I want to give credit to artists from my home country, there far and few in between. The song is a modernised version of an original track “Dance Of The Sugar Plum Fairy” from the Nutcracker. The artist may have some divided over the alterations but that’s life, you can’t please all and that’s ok as at the end of the day if you are happy that what matters. Talking about Twst writing inspiration the artist takes it from personal experiences of isolation, loneliness and their connection to technology during the Covid period. 

Doin’ This by Luke Combs

A song to listen to to brighten up darker days, an inspirational song that teaches us to push through and never give up, when the road back is just as hard as the road going forward, push through and make your dreams come true. Luke gives credit in his video to Adam Church, a man he shared the stage with when he first started. Luke stays true to his humble roots and shows credit when due, never lose yourself Luke and your music will be one to go down in the history books. If you do love country music, go to the Country To Country on Sunday March 2022. Besides Luke you can listen to Miranda Lambert and Brett Young among many other great artists and tickets to the special day can be located here.

Hello Hello by Trixie Mattel

The video imagery is simplistic with no flashy gimmicks and that’s what makes it more moving, the choreography is very impressive and the minimalist scene draws ir back to the 60’s, I’m thinking of “These Boots Are Made For Walkin’ by Nancy Sinatra, it’s one song my mother loved so I’ve heard it on numerous occasions, plus old songs just relate to me. Besides touring in the states you can also watch Trixie in Brighton in May 2022, tickets can be located here. Speaking of what fans think of the video, they are happy with the decision to cast two dancers who have to be at least 6’4″ to truly emphasise what a petite and slender woman Trixie is. Simple is best and due to no distractions every element has been listened to, It’s the attention to detail that really makes this video come to light.


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