11 Songs From 2021 – Week 44

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Number 11- The Older You Get, The Less You Cry by LANY

Happy National Forgot Me Not day and hope you are all well, starting off this week with number Eleven, the spiritual number that represents peace we have the perfect song to turn any unwanted frowns upside down. I think that no matter your age you can still weep a lot, it is just down to the individual. That said the more you experience pain, the more numb you can become and goodbyes become a little easier.


Number 10- On The Floor by Swim Deep & Phoebe Green

It may be placed as number 10 but it gets a 100 from me, it’s quirky, cool and a song that gets my approval. On The Floor is performed by the likes of “Swim Deep” an Indie rock band that formed in Birmingham and Manchester born and bred scorpio songstress and astrology lover “Phoebe Green”.

For your love of astrology Phoebe one should place you at number 8, but being the ruler of Mars you don’t need a number to define your power. Sadly I’m unable to watch you live at Camden Assembly on Wednesday 10th however I know one will watch you live when the time is right and maybe that will be soon. 


Number 9 – Overplayed by Thomas Day 

The saddest song in the top 11 this week, but one cannot deny how good it is and how heartfelt Tom’s voice is in this tune. You may remember Thomas from America’s Got Talent where he received a standing ovation and who knows the musician may even be a double threat if he comes recruited by the NFL. 


Number 8 – Love Runs Deeper by Gregory Porter and CHERISE

Jazz legend Gregory Porter is the new voice of Disney as he’s created a masterpiece, an emotional and original song titled “Love Runs Deeper” which also features the artist CHERISE. 

All proceeds of downloads of the song will be donated to Make-A-Wish International, if you are planning on purchasing the song, please download it before New Day 2022 as it will not count after the year’s end, your donation really can help improve the quality of a young person’s life. The accompanying video shows how important family is and family is so much more than blood please remember that.


Number 7 – Not Ok by KEHLI 

You may be tired of feeling this way KEHLI, however one can reassure you that listeners will never tire of your tracks. Keep on being yourself and making music from your heart, your hard work will pay off in many ways and this is just the beginning of a successful career.

If KEHLI was here they would be the words one would say to this artist but to all you reading know you need to fight for your dreams and don’t give up no matter the reason.


Number 6 – Toxic by 88YAMI

Automatically one wasn’t drawn to this song due to it being in the Hip Hop genre, however “Toxic” is a song that grows more powerful and relatable with every verse listened to. It really goes to show that sometimes it’s good to step out of your comfort zone and try something new even if it’s small, such as listening to a new song of a different genre.


Number 5 – Aubade by Hana Vu

The perfect mixture of pop princess and matrix overload is what I get with Hana Vu’s new song “Aubade”. It really is a masterpiece and has been crafted incredibly well, an amazing first impression to say the least.


Number 4 –  Strangers by Aubrey Mika

Seconds in I knew this song would place in the top 11, listening in full makes it rank up high and only just misses out on the top three spot, position Thresh (HG) and we all know how worthy of a contender he was.

One thing you should note is that all 11 songs are from various genres and it’s almost impossible to compare Pop with Hip Hop and Country. Aubrey will be performing at The Echo in Los Angeles on November 16th.


Number 3 – How Am I Supposed To by Lucy Deakin

NME named Lucy as an essential artist in 2021 and one couldn’t agree more even if I wanted to. Lucy’s new EP draws inspiration from artists such as Conan Gray and Troye Sivan among others. 

One day others will draw their inspiration from Lucy, keep on pushing great music out there and it will happen. Lucy has an upcoming tour soon and is performing in Cities such as Brighton on the 12th and Glasgow on the 20th November among others.


Number 2 – Repeat Caller by Max Leone

A song that may hurt your eardrums as you will play it in overdrive, it’s just that catchy. Seriously excited for more songs by this musician. The card declined certainly is a nightmare for most and I think a lot would dash and dine, catchy and quick song, oh wait I’ve said catchy more than once well that’s just because it is. 

Before going into the number 1 spot, there are some memorable mentions that sadly didn’t make the cut and these are as follows:

  • Piano Girl by Teenage Dads
  • Heavy by Peach PRC
  • Room For You by Madison Beer 
  • RIP by Amy Allen
  • Get Out Get Hurt by Don Diablo and Gabrielle Aplin
  • Waiting For Nothing by Hayden James (Feat.Yaegar)
  • My Hero by Westlife
  • Sky Love by Foxes
  • 3D Feelings by Alfie Templeman
  • Let’s Go To Hell by Tai Verdes
  • It Ain’t Right by Shane Codd


Number 1 – Get It Girl by Taylor Moss 

You’ve nearly got to the end and hopefully you’ve got to jam away to some of these cracking tunes. Before you put your feet up listen to this very upbeat song by Taylor Moss who can be described as an energetic warm girl with an angelic and beautiful voice, she deserves the top spot for her latest song titled “Get It Girl”. 

This country song is one that shouldn’t go under the radar and should be played on repeat, please go show the star some support and thank you Taylor for giving me a song to get me through the late hours whilst looking at my essay I need to get out for my lecturer.



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