11 Songs From 2021 – Week 43

National Stress Awareness Day
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Number 11 – Man Still Cries by Tom Gregory

Tom Gregory first hit our tv screens at the age of 18 when he appeared on the second season of The Voice UK. Despite not making it to the final round, he did not give up on his dream, after years of part time jobs and travelling he was picked up by a German Indie Label and has been releasing songs ever since, most notably “Fingertips’’ which garnered over 100 million streams. What’s next for this musician, one will have to wait and see.


Number 10- Lose My Mind by LYRA

LYRA is a pop artist who grew up singing in a church choir, and you can certainly see that this has only strengthened her vocals which are super powerful and soulful. Being a big fan of artists such as Lorde, one certainly did love this song, it really is deep and has the right tempo and beat throughout the track. The video reminds me of an alternative version of “Night Of The Demons”, think spooky old house mixed with insanity which fits in so well with the lyrics of “Lose My Mind”.


Number 9 – Beautiful Nightmare by Robert Grace

Robert is an accomplished live performer and has performed at Ireland’s leading festivals including Electric Picnic and Indiependence. His latest pop song is called “Beautiful Nightmare” and it really is one to listen to especially on these cold winter nights. The lyrics are relatable as we can all have things that we love and hate at the same time.


Number 8 – Lazy- by Orla

Orla is a Belgian artist who now resides in Dublin, taking inspiration from those that have passed us by, Orla draws from old soul music. Orla’s textured harmonies combined with a modern electronic production bring something refreshing to the table. A perfect fusion of styles makes Orla an artist worth remembering for her unique sound. Lazy embodies a R&B vibe with romantic lyrics, it teaches us how one person can change our life and be our twin flame.


Number 7 – Sober/Hungover by Sueco (feat. Arizona Zervas)

This alternative song is by rapper Sueco and American singer/songwriter Arizona Zervas who is widely known for his song “Roxanne” which reached number four on the Billboard Hot 100 in 2019. The nostalgia of this song sends you back to the 2000’s and is a perfect pop/punk song, a great reminiscence of high school.


Number 6- Preached by Lil Dusty G x Marshmello

The most unique song one has listened to in a while which is enjoyable and full of energy. The visuals of “Preached” depict a dystopian war-stricken world. If anyone has ever played Fallout, then you may think that it looks a little like that. I admire Marshmello for this collaboration and I think the fact that the artists are at different career points makes the collaboration perfection, a truly passionate team developed “Preached”.

Marshmello’s guitar adds so much to the song and it relaxes the listener to the point that you have forgotten about the war zone. Music really does ease the mind though from first hand experience.


Number 5 – Money Calling by Da Beatfreakz x Raye x Russ Millions x We Want Wraiths

If a Rap and Hip-Hop song makes it into my top 11 then you know the track is legendary as its one music genre that I’m very critical of, after listening to the song multiple times in a row it deserves its place here.

Ray’s voice in this single is insane and is so different to her usual style, I believe it resonates with her new defined freedom from leaving her record label. The visuals of ‘Money Calling’ are on point and the intro beat is alluring, it adds to the Somlian masked We Want Wraiths style and his melodic vocals.


Number 4 – Madness by Maddie & Tae

The new single Madness by Maddie and Tae is a poignant love song that depicts where the singer-songwriters are in their own lives, it teaches us to love through the good and bad times and to support someone who is experiencing turbulent times. Country songs are often overshadowed by pop and other genres, so please show the girls some love and stream their latest track.


Number 3 – After You by Gryffin & Jason Ross (feat. Calle Lehmann)

If you’re unsure who Gryffin is, he’s a DJ and songwriter who has remixed some well-known songs such as Tove Lo’s “Talking Body”, Maroon 5’s “Animals” and Years & Years’ “Desire” as well as released some astonishing singles.

Gryffin is joined by trance DJ Jason Ross and Swedish pop musician Calle Lehmann. The words of this song are emotional to say the least and with the range of elements of this song that’s why It’s placed so high.


Number 2 – Intertwined by Chase Wright (feat. Delaney Jane)

Another country single but very different to Maddie & Tae single “Madness”. Saying goodbye doesn’t mean that you stop caring and it doesn’t mean that the goodbye will last forever, sometimes you just need time to rewind and see what really matters, timing is everything and what’s meant to happen will be a fact.


Number 1- Tell It To My Heart by MEDUZA and Hozier

This dance track is an absolute bomb, it’s so so good hence the double words. Even without the sound one would watch it just for the visual displays. The world is a modern play on Ancient Greece with robotic technology. The heartbeats, to the vocals, to the production is just a picture perfect paradise. Powerful and loud is the easiest way to sum this song up.


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