11 Songs From 2021 – Week 40

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With it being a new moon last week and celebrating World Mental Health Day on the weekend my week has been jam packed. That said, I keep to my promises and I did not want to disappoint you all and that’s why there is another weekly top 11 songs.


Number 11 – Yoga by bbno$ & Rebecca Black

It’s interesting writing about Rebecca Black as I remember my childhood listening to her song titled ‘Friday’ which one can say is memorable for perhaps differing reasons and her iconic scene in Katy Perry’s music video ‘Last Friday Night’ which was such a strong tune and still favoured these days, a decade after it’s release. Yoga by these two performers is a good club tune and bbno$ acting as Rebecca is iconic, with the elaborate makeup you would think it was two different individuals.


Number 10 – If I Were Rock & Roll by Chase Rice

Country music will always have a place in my heart and making it in at number 10 is ‘If I Were Rock & Roll’ by Chase Rice. The song is sentimental and it’s written for Chase’s lucky lady, the song fuels our soul and the music video is so fitting for this song, it’s natural in a field with no gimmicks or flashing lights. There’s so much I could write on this one but im not, instead I urge you to take a little listen above and let me know your thoughts in the comments section below.


Number 9 – Love Back by Why Don’t We

Normally a song by ‘Why Don’t We’ would place significantly higher, however with so many releases this week and listening to well over 150 songs, it’s fallen to number 9 which is still an honour when you’re competing against so many other individuals. If you haven’t already listened to the band’s other songs such as Trust Fund Baby’, ‘These Girls’ and Fallin’, please do so now, there are many other amazing tunes since the band’s launch in 2016, however I’ll allow you to discover them.


Number 8 – Back On Top by HONNE (Feat.Griff)

Honne are a British based electronic duo that first joined the scene in 2014 and have released two albums to date with their third album titled ‘Let’s Just Say The World Ended A Week From Now, What Would You Do? Programmed for release on 22 October 2021. One would class their new song ‘Back On Top’ as Sophisti-Pop as it incorporates a lot of various elements to it such as soul. The duo collaborating with Griff is magical and I think with Griff’s tour commencing this month throughout the UK that the song will become well known quickly.


Number 7 – Nikes by Julia Wolf

With many songs being released in one week such as ‘Nikes’, ‘Girls In Purgatory’ and ‘Falling In Love’, I’m focusing on the first being Nikes. The song is cool and catchy and rather alternative, I’ve never heard anything quite like it frankly, in a very good way. All songs released are part of Julia’s “Girls In Purgatory” debut EP and we can’t wait for what’s on the horizon for this star, we hope big things as she is beyond talented.


Number 6 – Girls Girls Girls by Fletcher

A modern day spin on Katy Perry’s classic song ‘I Kissed A Girl’. One aspect of Fletcher I admire is that her songs are sung right from her heart and I think that’s why she connects well with her audience. With the likes of Spotify ranking Fletcher’s song ‘Undrunk’ as one of the “Best Pop Songs of 2019 and Paper magazine saying that Fletcher is “one of the most exciting female artists to emerge in pop” must be quite groundbreaking for the artist A little while off as it takes place in the summer of 2022, however for you eager fans you can purchase tickets to Fletcher’s show here.


Number 5 – Hands Up by Tyla Yahweh (Feat. Morray)

The most emotional lyrics by a long shot, normally I’m not the biggest fan of rap but this song need to be shared. Knowing that I spent most of my time in Dunkin Donuts when I was in the States, perhaps I ran into Tyla without noticing, I mean the universe is small and I met Booboo Stewart in an alleyway in Shoreditch so who knows. Going back to the song it ranks so high as its organic and not talking about materialistic values.


Number 4 – So Done by Joan

For a band that debuted in 2017, it’s chilling that this is the first time that I’m listening to the pop duo. Out of all the songs this week I think this is probably one of the softest and most uplifting of the bunch and is very much recommended as well as ‘Don’t Say You Love Me’ which was released earlier this summer. Without praising the duo too much one does have to say they were impressed to find out the song only took 20 minutes to write.


Number 3 – Addicted by Pixy

Having only formed earlier this year, this South Korean girl group have been taking the world by storm having featured in publications such as Honey Pop and The Kraze among many others. With half of the members being part of former groups such as Cherry Bullet, Girl’s Alert and SUPA, it’s no surprise they’ve managed to pull in former fans. Listening to Addicted made me then listen to ‘Let Me Know’ and the band’s debut ‘Wings’, which although has a ghoulish style is catchy and alluring. Although Addicted isn’t so dark there is certainly iconography which could make some minds twist, for me the almost empty table reminds me of the Japanese psychological thriller Re:Mind, a very intriguing show and great for those of us who are mystery junkies.


Number 2 – The Tipping Point by Tears For Fears

Growing up I loved ‘Everybody Wants To Rule The World’ and other classics such as ‘Head Over Heels’ and ‘Shout’, so it’s only fair that Tears For Fears new song ‘The Tipping Point’ ranks so high, plus being a lover of 80’s music it automatically favours the artist into the top tier. February 2022 the band releases a new album and I know that will put a smile on many individuals’ faces, if you haven’t already please take a listen to this outstanding song.


Number 1 – Boyz by Jesy Nelson (feat Nicki Minaj)

Where to start with the number 1 spot of this week is none other than pop icon Nicki Minaj and Jesy Nelson from the band Little Mix who rose to fame on the popular reality show X Factor. Although there has been tension with the former bandmate there is no denying the quality of the song Boyz and the true attention it deserves. Without giving too many spoilers away, if you like snooty neighbours and house parties then this is the music video for you and even if you perhaps aren’t a fan of Jesy tune in to see Nicki in her latest collaboration.


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