11 Songs From 2021 – Week 39

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Number 11 – Suffer by Sarah Jeffery

The inspiration behind Sarah’s new song ‘Suffer’ is one that many readers can relate to, a bad breakup that hits you in the heart. What one hopes to get out of the song is that you are good enough by yourself and you don’t need a partner to feel full, self discovery and inner love is key. In the video we see Sarah’s love interest Jordan Connor (Riverdale) and herself battle through many emotions and both being talented actors, you really do feel that they are putting everything into their performance.


Number 10 – Panic Attacks In Paradise by Ashnikko

Not many tend to look deep into another’s soul and Ashnikko’s new song ‘Panic Attacks In Paradise’ represents a much deeper and important message to it’s listeners. The world Ashnikko is in seems peaceful but when something looks perfect you know that there is something likely wrong. The one scene we see maggots, a cold night at the ocean which could represent washing away the troubles and a garden of apples that can remind us of the story of Adam and Eve and how we can be lured into doing something against our morals, perhaps the mind playing games and altering the state of reality. The artist shows it’s ok to be vulnerable and I think that’s an amazing lesson to learn.


Number 9 – The Feels by Twice

Watching this video for some reason reminded me of the Horror movie Carrie and the song ‘Tonight Is Prom NIght’ by Paul Zaza which also featured in a teenage slasher film associated with Prom. At this point if it wasn’t clear, the music video is associated with prom minus the pig blood and the stage theatrics. This lovely group of 9 girls are upbeat and support each other well with no backstabbing well besides half way through when Mina gets her crown kidnapped by Chae Young. In the next scene Momo has the crown, we wonder how she obtained this? The song is the group’s first full English single and has been viewed by nearly 50 million individuals and after hitting the top 5 on US iTunes we can see that number growing more, you may question why it is at nine and that is purely done to resemble long lasting as in tradition.


Number 8 – Really Wanna Dance With You by New Rules

New Rules are an English-Irish pop boy band that formed in 2019 and have been one of the opening acts for pop sensation Little Mix on their UK & Ireland tour titled LM5: The Tour as well as a support act for Julia Michaels on her Inner Monologue Tour. Covid deeply impacted the band resulting in them not releasing music for over a year until year, that said it was worth a wait and the melodies in the new song show just how strong the bands connection is with each other. Show the boys some love and purchase some tickets here to see them in action on November 19th.


Number 7 – Break The Silence by Robert Grace

I don’t know if the lyrics relate to you as much as they relate to me, ‘I don’t wanna lose you to anyone else, feelings don’t just disappear’ can turn even the coldest of us into sentient beings. Most of us have an individual out there where we wish we could have said our final goodbye too and their love lives on in us, the heart can never truly heal from what was lost. No matter who we interpret the song, one can easily say that it’s emotional and the artist sings from his heart.


Number 6 – Troubles A’ Comin by The Rolling Stones

One of the best rock bands of all time, number 6 is Troubles A’ Comin and this song is 1 of 9 new unheard tracks from The Rolling Stones 40th Anniversary album titled Tattoo You. The reason why the song has got an older instrumental feeling to it is because it was recorded in Paris in 1979. It’s very sad to hear of the passing of The Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts, however we know these songs allow his legacy to live on.


Number 5 – Five N’Dime by Mills

Some people simply have a special knack with their voice and deliver it like a masterpiece. I personally enjoyed this song and found it incredibly relaxing. Mills gives off nice guy vibes and seems like a very pleasant individual, one of which I want to go far in the industry. Having already been featured by Earmilk and Ones To Watch at the young age of 21 we know this is just the start for the musician and with a head of good hair you may even see him on a billboard or too. Going back to the song it speaks to your soul and shares how one connection can change your life. If you like Mills Style then go watch him perform at The Roxy Theatre on October 29th (Los Angeles).


Number 4 – Tokyo by Finn Askew

If you could sum this song up in one word it would be alternative. This 20 year old Somerset born and raised artist is making a lot of heat recently, being featured in magazines such as The Line Of Best Fit, Clash Music and GQ Australia to name a few and can we really be that surprised, his music really is sweet to the ears.‘Tokyo’ explores Finn’s trap rock style and the lyrics “she’s in Tokyo again” shares the story of a high maintenance girl who is zoned out of reality. No official video right now but who knows what the future unholds.


Number 3 – Lover Like Me by CL

Being a fan of k pop I’m surprised I’ve not come across South Korean rapper, singer and songwriter CL before, boy has she got a good set of lungs. After researching the artist I discovered she was part of the girl group ‘2NE1’ which were formed in the late noughties and were known for songs such as “Come Back Home’, ‘Fire’ and classic fan favourite ‘I Am The Best’. Although not mentioned in my previous blog she was indeed one of the first female Korean soloists to attend the Met Gala in 2021. Going back to the song she excels in both the vocals and the rap, her vocal range is powerful and knowing she produces her songs too ranks her as number 3, technically one would of placed her higher however 3 is a lucky number in South Korea and refers to hard work and it would be foolish not to acknowledge this song’s triumph.


Number 2 – Come Here And Leave Me Alone by Saibh Skelly

Come Here And Leave Me Alone may have originally been sung by US singer-songwriter Alexander 23, however Saibh Skelly’s official cover and music video deserves a validation. It’s Saibh’s first official single to be released on streaming services and I truly think it makes the Irish community proud, her voice is very beautiful and sincere.The song has a great tempo and it’s very catchy, one looks forward to the bright future of this young starlet.

One thought last week was hard to review, however this week was harder and that said before we go into the number 1 spot, there are a few honourable mentions that must be noted and they are ‘Spit On You’ by Sam Fender, ‘Everyone You Know’ by There for You, ‘Devil On My Shoulder’ by Chelsea Cutler, ‘Bitch (I Said It)’ by Sody, ‘Algorithm’ by Boston Manor, ‘Us’ by Hannah Ellis, ‘All Or Nothing’ by Rudie Edwards and Don’t Let The Neighbourhood Hear by Oh Wonder, a duo which featured in the top 11 songs from week 38.


Number 1 – Rushing Water by Sting

It’s been a very long time since I’ve listened to ”Every Breath You Take” and “Roxanne” by The Police and after listening to Sting’s new song which I must say I fell in love with the track, it made me revert back to some older tunes to jam to. Sting being a gentleman that’s been in the industry over 4 decades, he certainly has released some great songs that’s led him to 17 Grammy Awards, three Brit Awards, a Golden Globe, and an Emmy. You must listen to this song, it sounds fresh and the production is on point.


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