11 Songs From 2021 – Week 38

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Number 11- Don’t Say You Love Me by JC Stewart

There were so many amazing releases this week that I’ve played on repeat but sadly there’s only enough room for a top 11 and to some even that number pushes it but what can one say the number has a special meaning in my heart so it will stay that way. Making it into our weekly line up of new songs is a new pop release by JC Stewart, perhaps you may have heard it on JC’s live set 3 years back but now it has officially come to light. It’s an impressive beat and definitely worth a listen and yes I’d highly recommend seeing the young artist perform live, he did a great job at MTV Push Life back in January 2020, oh the perks of pre covid. Anywho take a listen and let me know your thoughts in the comments section.


Number 10Poison by Richard Fairlie 

A true character, the R&B soul singer shares his passion for individuality through his lyrics, he discusses the part of us that we hide from others, the vulnerability that eats at us and what poison we use to hide our emotions, whether it’s alcohol or drugs. People pleasing we all do and it externally damages us, break the cycle and speak up, it’s never too late to fight for peace. 


Number 9- 22 Break by Oh Wonder

It takes 2 to break a heart, sits on me so well as we are normally impacted by the pain that others can cause. The video is stripped back and follows the emotional rollercoaster of a couple whilst also raising a few hairs due to the expressive makeup. Although the track is very upbeat the lyrics can hit home so do listen with caution as it could cause a release of varying emotions from happy to sad.


Number 8 – I’ll Be Waiting by Mathilda Homer & Aquilo

A true artist that sings from her heart, It’s been a little while since i’ve had the opportunity to see Mathilda perform live but look forward to when she does next. When you have a moment listen to Mathilda & Aquilo new indie song and go check out Mathilda ep ‘If You Were On Fire’ and keep up to date with her over on her social @Mathilda_homer 


Number 7 – That’s How It Goes by Zoe Wees & 6LACK

You can almost feel the emotion in the words, it goes straight to your soul, the contrast of Zoe Wees & 6LACK is like a powerhouse. The lyrics ‘Who needs enemies, friends like these’, does make me think that the songstress is being stabbed where it hurts a few times over, all we can say is that karma comes around and you will become iconic, trust the process.


Number 6 – Die On The Dancefloor by L Devine 

Was the name of the song taken after visiting Teatro Barceló on the night of Polo’s passing or watching Carrie, one can’t really say, however we can say it certainly beats other ways out and many can agree that they would love to be surrounded by loved ones when that hourglass runs out. Now going back to the pop song, despite the title it really is upbeat and very much worth a listen. To witness the talented songstress live you can check out tickets here.  


Number 5 – Kids All Wanna Make It What A Nightmare Of A Dream by Chapter 13

Making it into the top 5 we have a pop song by boy band Chapter 13. The tune of this track really does remind me of the classic songs of the 90’s, the lyrics touch on our dreams and how we all just want to make it and have the highlife, appealing to all but perhaps targeting Generation Z, having gained recognition on BGT in 2019 and performing at the 02 in March 2021 and finishing off Mcfly’s Glasgow tour as well as raising awareness for mental health through there music and being part of the @Stem4org campaign, they are on the right path to success and  it will be very interesting to see where this band goes, if you do want to follow the young lads journeys you can go watch them live on October 31st at Oslo Hackney, London. They also have a private page titled @heartbreaktakeaway which is a safe space for their followers. 


Number 4 – What If by Ne-Yo

It’s been a little overdue since I’ve listened to Ne-Yo. His new R&B song certainly reminds me of the good old days when I fell In love with his iconic music back when he was releasing Miss Independent, Because Of You, Beautiful Monster and Closer among many other classics. The lyrics teach us that mistakes can happen and we can correct them if we are willing to try.


Number 3 – Alone by Trevor Daniel

The lyrics ‘I think i’m better off alone’ and ‘one fight takes two nights of my life’ are so appropriate whether that is friendship or relationship based, some personalities clash and you’re better off without that individual in your life, as being there only causes pain and suffering. The remaining lyrics are 100% honest and relatable. The visuals are very intense and warn viewers of epilepsy in advance, to me it just intensifies the emotions in the lyrics more. 


Number 2 – My Universe by Coldplay X BTS

BTS are a band that we should all know by now, they are perfect together and they make their collaborations feel golden. How they can so easily band together with other artists shows real talent and it’s my doubt that they certainly brought the two universes together. Another strong aspect of their song is that they promote a sense of universal love and that is something that many of us need in these unprecedented times.


Number 1 – LOCO (English Version) by ITZY

Describing this masterpiece of a k pop song as a neo fusion groove, no matter whether you prefer punk or rock there will be elements of this song that you will be able to relate to and as Chaeryeong sings ‘I decided not to fight it’ it makes me become more addicted to ITZY, no wonder there fans describe them as angels, they put everything they have into the songs.  


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