Last Planet drops “Whiskey Breath”

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For those that have not heard of the band Last Planet, they are a groovy, alternative rock band from Oakland, CA formed in 2018 by Cort Young and Albero Berul, two songwriting musicians who met while working at Guitar Center in San Francisco. Despite Covid, the band has grown strength to strength and has rapidly grown to a dynamic band of six including lead female vocalist Rai Ahmed-Green, saxophonist Lucian Pixley, guitarist Ben Hicks and drummer Lyman Jerome Alexander II. Last Planet have rocked Bay Area venues and released a debut EP, Petrichor in 2021.

Last Planet have been working hard and have a tidal wave of new music coming out in 2023, ranging from introspective grunge music to dance-inspiring pop rock and we are going to focus on their new release Whiskey Breath. Whiskey Breath is a song that embodies their signature sound and the song has similar sounds to bands like Black Keys and Arctic Monkeys.

Whiskey Breath brings a dark modern taste to the music scene and “Whiskey Breath,” is the second in a series of 2023 singles from Oakland-based Last Planet. It is soulful yet has a gritty sound, more than any of their other songs to date, perhaps we can thank Rai Ahmed-Green as lead female vocalist for this as she brings a sultry infusion of Soul and R&B. The melodic, trance-inducing vocals seductively draw you into a dazed night out on the town. The pulsating wobble bass drives the groove, while the lead guitarist Ben Hicks and saxophonist Lucian Pixleye intensify the whiskey haze. For those that like noir and crime then you may be in for a treat as the lyrics slyly hint at the sinister side of nightlife and the chaotic bridge portends the shame and self-contempt of the next day’s hangover. To finish on a high “Whiskey Breath” captivates listeners with soulful vocals and atmospheric sounds supported by intricate and edgier groove and melodic, relatable lyrics.

It is Last Planet’s top priority to create genuine connections from sharing music and meeting new and dedicated fans at shows and you too can watch them perform on May. 20th, 2023 at Dying Breed Brewing.

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