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For those that don’t know Bisou Noir, they are an alternative rock band based in Camden Town, London that were brought together by their love for grungy guitar riffs juxtaposed against soaring melodies. The band is made up of Toby Spysznyk (Lead Singer/Guitar) whose featured in Tmrwmag for clothing brand By Walid as well as working with iconic designer Jeffery-West, model Milo Max Burgess (Guitar/Bass) whose looks speak for themselves and who has rocked the runways and starred on a Levi’s ad, Mikey Laws (Drums) and Max James James (Guitar). 

Milo Max Burgess shares with us that Bisou Noir’s new single “The Boys” channels blues – rock dynamism of the likes of Queens of the Stone Age, Royal Blood and Muse and “The Boys” is the ultimate walk like a badass song and the first of six eclectic new singles. The band have featured on RGM, Music Crowns and Earmilk among others and it’s time we discover them too and listen to their new single.

Wilden Egenti shares the following about Bisour Noir new single The Boys:

The brash and bolshie rock ‘n’ roll quartet Bisou Noir are back with their extraordinary new single called “The Boys.”

The piece begins focusing on the track’s thumping bassline neatly accompanied by a calm electric guitar riff and some soft insightful vocals: “Oh brother show me the way…like a teacher I’ll be following you.” Not only are these vocals aimed at psyching listeners up for the storm that’s yet to come later in the track, but also they give listeners an insight into Bisou Noir’s journey, Lyrics such as “teacher” and phrases such as “show me the way.” Perhaps alludes to a time in the bands’ youth when they were in need of guidance and mentorship from an older wiser figure.  

Following on, the track ascends into a more aggressive and crowded melody consisting of a dominant booming electric guitar and the crashing cymbals and snares of a drum-kit. Lyrically, the recurring theme of guidance is present yet again with the phrase “teach me to be strong.” This reflects Bisou Noir’s transparent, open nature and how the group are not afraid to be vulnerable with their listeners. 

Moreover the track concludes with an manic break where the thundering electric guitar really comes into own. 

Bisou Noir new single “The Boys” secured it’s first spin with Alex Holcombe on BBC Radio 1 and they have high hopes for the new release. We as in Origins Of CJM can only imagine the anticipation many fans will have of Bisou Noir new single and you too can get in on the action early by pre saving “The Boys” here.

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