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Well this week certainly has been rather eventful to say the least, first burying my beloved father on Tuesday 11th April to then hopping off to Rossett (a village between Wrexham & Chester) on Saturday 17th for a little break away before an emergency renewal passport in Liverpool on Monday 19th April. This is all thanks to mother due to accidentally throwing out my passport but none the less mistakes happen and one at least will review my stays.

One stayed in Rosett Hall hotel, a grade 2 listed Georgian Mansion which has been operating as a hotel since 1987. The hotel certainly is spectacular and the grounds are magnificent. On arrival one was greeted by the lovely pregnant receptionist Sam, I must say a very lovely lady indeed who certainly makes you feel very welcome from the beginning, very down to earth and bubbly and that is important as first impressions are key. One was allocated to room 36, a little walk up the staircase and down the corridor was in order, luckily one needed to burn the calories haha, in true essence one would suggest if you are not able bodied please request a room on the ground floor, ideally rooms 1-5 as they have lovely views over the courtyard and are very accessible and please do not go to rooms 51-52 unless you like another flight of stairs.

 Rosett Hall hotel

Going back to the all important details room 36 was cool which is great for hot days, however the views were obstructed and all one could see was a brick wall, not a great first impression especially on a nice Spring day.

 Rosett Hall hotel

One spoke with Sam at reception to see if any other rooms were available in the hotel with nice views and she showed me first to room 41 to see if I was happy. I must say although room 41 is the same price you certainly could feel the upgrade, the room had a nicer persona, it was bright and fresh, had lovely views of the courtyard and the bathroom was bigger, yes there were a few narrow steps you had to descend, 7 in total which may not be good for somebody getting back to the room in a tipsy state but for myself in my state of sobriety this was perfectly ok.

Ring Ring 📞
 Rosett Hall hotel
Room 41
Time to relax 🛀
For those that favour a shower 🛀
Don’t trip 👣
 Rosett Hall hotel
Room with a view 🌞

One lovely feature of room 41 too was that they had an old fashioned telephone in the room, perhaps even an original dating back to 1987 to mark the Rosett Hall hotel opening, now this may not be everybody’s cup of tea however for me this added charm to the room, the only downside was due to the room being filled with light it does get a little warm so the fan needed to be on, no aircon in the room sadly but this was rather minor.

For those with accessibility needs please note on the ground floor of the hotel are ramps and for those that like to drink and dine to make your way to “Oscars Brasserie” one must enter through the Allington Suite, exit out the far right door and immediately turn left. I must say signposting is important and it’s nice that there was a board up to direct guests and also an access lift for those with mobility issues, which certainly is important as time after time I have seen establishments fail to address accessibility issues especially in grade listed buildings so well done Rosett Hall Hotel.

In terms of interior aesthetic design at Rosett Hall hotel, there are a few little tweaks that the foyer can do to greatly improve the initial guest reactions, lighten up the room by placing a few cashmere or even honey mustard cushions on the sofas, it will really make them pop and leather is coming back in so no need to change much just a little spruce up and please place a few peace lillies in the foyer for serenity and a state of calmness this would compliment your fish table well. Not to point out the bad but there was a dead plant besides the sofa near the Allington Suite and this was noticed by others too.

After touring the hotel, one decided to go for a little walk to the nearby Co-op (200 yards away roughly 3-4 minutes walk) to get some hummus, bread and crisps to eat outside on one of the courtyard tables to take in the serene scenic views and also a breath of fresh air. Sadly though one was unable to eat outside due to the amount of dust on the tables, the dust build up was bad, I don’t want to go as far to say that it had not been cleaned since the grand opening in 1987, however one could certainly say that it had not been cleaned for the Spring season.

Dust glorious dust 🕸️
Proving it was more than one table affected by the sandstorm!

Also on the other side were tables with empty glasses on which from an outside perspective is not nice to see if wandering the grounds, this perhaps may be down to a shortage of staff, however little things that are not costly such as cleaning tables goes a long way and also seeing dirty tables outside then questions outside minds is the restaurant clean. Well to clear any individuals minds I must say the food in the restaurant was tasty, especially the vegetarian risotto. One did have a Caesar salad that was a good size portion and a fair price indeed, the only slight tip to give was maybe add a few sundried tomatoes to enable the dish to be moist as it was a wee bit dry. One did not have salad dressing which would help, however I did have ketchup (peculiar allergy indeed) so I do believe that the condiment would have been similar in terms of texture. For pudding one had icecream and sorbet, this was made up of 3 scrumptious and light scoops, vanilla, raspberry ripple and a mango sorbet, very delicate for the platter indeed and a perfect choice to close the evening off.

Caesar salad and vegetarian risotto 🥗
Always room for something sweet to settle the stomach 🍨

A special shout goes to the server Steph (incase there are two Steph’s the one with green in her hair) for her outstanding service skills and pleasant persona. Hands on my heart certainly one of the top 3 servers I’ve had since the start of 2023 and she has a bright future indeed in anything she pushes her mind too, to a message for Sam and Steph, never doubt your capabilities and push yourself as you can achieve anything you put your mind too, yes it may be hard but please do not live life with regrets, there is so much you can accomplish. 🙂

After dinner one made it to the room and had a lovely bath, sadly though wifi does not work in the bathroom, however one did connect to 4G to listen to some relaxing tunes and well I certainly needed to do that, the bed to sleep on was rather creaky and kept me up during most of the night so in terms of quality of sleep, one certainly lacked rest.



One departed down to breakfast at 8:30am, before you worry thinking that may be early or late, breakfast is served 7 am to 10 am on Sunday and it was fairly ok with a few options besides your typical sausage,eggs,bacon, such as smoked fish of the day. The fish can be served with or without egg, without for me and one had it paired with gluten free bread. As no gluten free bread was out, I would recommend placing a sign next to the toaster to say gluten free bread on request as some simply do not ask and go with out due to a range of reasons, one being anxiety alone to ask. They also have a vegetarian cooked breakfast, however sadly this does not contain vegetarian bacon and for those that like something sweet, they do glorified American style pancakes which can be paired with fine maple syrup and streaky bacon.

Rosett Hall Hotel breakfast
Unfortunately the albumen was not cooked efficiently
Rosett Hall Hotel breakfast
Fish of the day – Kippers

Rosett Hall Hotel breakfastRosett Hall Hotel breakfastRosett Hall Hotel breakfastRosett Hall Hotel breakfast

To finish off with for business meetings or events at Rosett Hall Hotel, there are many function rooms on site, which make it ideal for corporate training days. For those adventurous sight seers out there, nearby landmarks include Trevalyn House which is a Grade II* listed Elizabethan manor house originating from the grand age of 1576 and Rossett Mill a Grade II* listed watermill built in 1588. As Rossett is a picturesque village, it may be great for walking however it is quiet and for those that like a little more action, Wrexham is a mere 6.5 miles away and Chester is 7.5 miles away. Chester is perfect for shoppers due to it boasting Cheshire Oaks a designer outlet, which has a range of discounted high street shops such as my favourite Reiss which transcends time and trends offering attainable luxury clothes of unwavering elegance and edgy rock and roll brand AllSaints which supports Uk homeless charity Shelter. They also have Burberry and Coach for those that may wish to splash a little more cash. Chester Zoo is also in the local area and great for families and animals lovers and historic lovers will enjoy viewing Tatton Park, a neo-classical mansion with lavish gardens. Not forgetting the foodies, there is the world’s largest Ice Cream Parlour called “The Ice Cream Farm”, which has a whopping 50 flavours of ice cream from marshmallow to bakewell tart to vegan bubblegum and many more just waiting for you to discover.

Rosett Hall Hotel


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