Joe Trufant Announces New Single “Crying For The Last Time”

Joe Trufant -Crying For The Last Time
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Rising artist Joe Trufant who is known for songs such as “Boys Need Love Too” and “Gin & Tonic” releases his latest single today titled “Crying For The Last Time” featuring hit making artist 24hrs which is recognised for his two EPs and albums such as “Houses On The Hill”.

Sometimes as men we are put in tough positions with our partners. They try to help but they don’t. They try to keep quiet but are asked to speak up. Joe Trufant wrestles with the fact that he tries his best to show up and give his best but somehow is always found to be the bad guy. The media makes this aspect even worse for many by promoting the status quo in character types in movies and even in every day life as it focuses on painting guys negatively and publicising negative stories instead of promoting positive messages as staying true to the golden age of Hollywood bad press sells best.

No matter how much passion you may have for your significant other and how hard you may love, there comes a point in time where all the love that’s had for each other just doesnt out way the stress but at the end of the day as a man you have to keep showing up as it is what is expected by the societal standards placed on gender roles.

Trufant, shares the following on his new single “Crying For The Last Time” and hopes to connect with his fans on a deeper level. “I want people to know that it’s okay for guys to be vulnerable and express their feelings,”. This message alone speaks volume especially in 2023 as we should embrace how we feel and be supportive of one another instead of saying ignorant messages such as “act like a man” or “grow up you sissy” or something even much worse. There is time for change and we must embrace the sensitivity in our brothers and shine a light and speak up when we’re feeling low, in takes one person to make a change and others will then be able to have the power to do the same. For those that are struggling SANE are super supportive and there are so many platforms to help, it just takes the first step which is seeking the help you need.

We hope you like Joe’s new song but it does not stop there as Joe Trufant is already on the move and there is no rest for the musician as he is gearing up for his debut album set to release this summer.


Joe Trufant


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