A Night In A Brothel – Southcrest Manor Signature BW Hotel Review

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Oh golly where should one start with a Southcrest Manor review. First impressions are of utmost importance and on arrival one was given a room that smelt of burnt cigarettes – it’s not the 50s nor should one have to endure such a repulsive smell in what was advertised as a superior room. 

Further to this the parents were given a room that was in the left-wing of the hotel, perfect if one was training for a marathon but not appropriate for a gentleman with a walking stick. The sickening scenario was that staff were made aware of the situation prior that accessibility was a worrying concern, so one certainly does question why they were placed there in the first place.

Corridor 1
After embarking up one staircase and down one corridor, a second corridor was certainly out of the question!
Accessbility Needs
If one did make it past corridor 2, one would have to embark down some steps before making it to room 214.
Southcrest Manor Superior Room
The Superior Room (212)

Room Change

After speaking to the cold hearted receptionist at Southcrest Manor one was given no apology for the much needed issues raised and was advised that they could upgrade to an executive room for a £10 additional fee a night. One must say the additional charge had a less superb view and only cost more due to a coffee machine facility and a small shampoo from the brand Elemis, although it was not practical to pay the additional fee as one would not be using the coffee facility, one felt that it was the only possible option due to father’s rising health issues.

As you can imagine the situation would make an individual with a protected characteristic according to the Equality Act (2010) feel ostracised due to the lack of support or care given by staff on the situation at hand, at no point either did one ask if one needed help with luggage.

Southcrest Manor Executive Room
Executive Room (room 102)
Intriguing Lampshade
Should one use telekinesis?

Evening Meal

The night sadly deteriorated as it progressed to evening, one paid for a package meal in the restaurant and to no surprise the vegetarian options were limited and service by staff was poor for example stretching over the table to place soup, the wait queue was indeed long and was felt by other customers, to clarify this was at 8 pm and the restaurant was less than half occupied, there were only 6 other tables occupied of whom were already on there mains and puddings. The soup was thick and the prawn cocktail wasn’t presented well, the mains however which were the chickpea loaf and hake risotto were indeed scrumptious and the pudding which was black currant cheesecake was somewhat adequate.

Southcrest Manor Food
Blackcurrant Cheescake with an added raspberry sorbet

You would think one could call it a night but that was not the case, henceforth one had to endure what sounded like they had decided to stay in a brothel with the residents next door using whips and making much explicit noise. On the bright side, one decided to take a bath to escape the noise which was somewhat peaceful. On 4 hours of sleep, you would believe that one wouldn’t be able to write but here one is.


The most important meal of the day, unless one was heading backwards in time to the proabition or going on a fast, breakfast was indeed limited. You could question that they have done their best for food landfill as there may not be much waste at these premises, well perhaps their would be as the hash browns were dry and the  bacon and beans were rather cold and one certainly does not think many would eat cold food. Further to the cold items, there was shortages of vegetarian items due to lack of demand and no poached eggs, fruits or yogurts and only marmalade jam.

Final Thoughts

Knowing that another night in Southcrest Manor had been booked, one decided to arrange a meeting with the general manager of the hotel. Let’s just say that some individuals need training when it comes to handling the needs of customers with additional needs due to mobility problems, a sorry won’t really cut it when it is certainly not heartfelt, and the reasoning behind poor service was due to new staff and Covid issues – one would question that staff should surely be giving training and at this point in time one should be able to manage the impacts of Covid on business operations.

One does have to say the grounds were pleasant and one must express gratitude to say that the additional £10 fee was revoked and a £30 refund was given due to the unpleasant experience of events however surely more discount could be given – what does everybody think, would you stay in this hotel and would you be requesting more discount?

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Update 5th May 2022

Speaking your truth and standing up when things go wrong work wonders, to confirm a full refund has been given for the above-rated stay, it goes to show with persistence reaps reward and one can learn from the feedback given to make sure that future guests have enjoyable experiences.


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