Jakey Releases New Single “Doormat”

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Starting the month of July off fresh we return to the home of the Hollywood film industry Los Angeles to be acquainted with LA Artist Jakey who is back with another relatable message and personal record in his new single Doormat. Doormat is about a toxic lover getting away – oh the joy. It’s a bittersweet feeling. You realise that you’re not okay, and that you allowed this person to walk all over you, yet you still mourn their presence. This sad, raw emotion is something that changes you forever. The bare production along with the gut wrenching lyrics allow one to get in their feels – but not for too long. The switch up at the end turns that sadness into anger and leaves the listener wanting more.

Fans were pre saving doormat at the speed of light and we can’t blame them, doormat was mastered by Noah Taylor and produced by Austen Healey and we can’t wait to see what Jakey releases next. For those that are new to Jakey, doormat is following the young artist debut single Headphones. “Headphone” is a reminder that we all deserve to be loved and valued in our relationships, and that sometimes the healthiest thing we can do is disconnect and focus on ourselves – self preservation is key and we must give ourselves love before we can give others it.

What we love most about Jakey is that he writes from his heart and he uses his emotions to fuel him into making amazing music such as headphones and his latest release doormat. Doormat symbolises never settling for anything less than you deserve and we believe that is such an important message to spread as it’s message that often gets ignored, it’s important that we put our needs first.




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