Interview With Jerico Island Over “Yves Saint”

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Jerico Island is a well rounded artist who is known for his ability to switch between styles and genres with much ease. The model and musician has been on Vogue Magazine, Wmag and more. You may know him through his previous singles such as “A Thousand Dreams”, “Mia” and “I’m Fine” among others. Jerico goes by the phrase “paradise is a state of mind” and we can’t argue with that, we after all are able to change our surroundings and environment with hard work and consistency. We get to go in further and discuss the inspiration behind his latest release “Yves Saint” and what he does to keep himself at peace and much more.

Lovely, to have you with us Jerico, can you tell us a bit about who you are and your background as a musician?

Thank you so much for having me. I’m grateful to be here. I’m a musician, rapper/ producer from the Caribbean, an island called Hispañiola, it’s the island that shares both Dominican  Republic and Haiti. Growing up we were very poor but I always saw how music connected people and brought everyone together. Where I grew up, music was always playing and it was always different genres and languages. Which inspired me a lot. 

We must say a big congratulations on releasing “Yves Saint”. What’s the inspiration behind this particular song?

To be perfectly honest the inspiration came from getting my first Saint Laurent belt haha. It made me think about how before, I’d never be able to afford anything like that. Made me reflect on all the pain I’ve gone through and how much I’ve had to endure. It made me remember how numbing losing everyone I loved felt. And how I had to go through that and still somehow move through it and make something out of myself. Finding new ways to cope with loss I guess, through buying material crap haha.

You’re very open and “Yves Saint” is very personal, do you find it important to be vulnerable in your music?

Wow, yeah it’s honestly my rawest form of expression. It’s art ya know? It’s how I make the horrible things that happen in my life into things that others can find meaning in, and maybe even beauty.

Who has inspired you and who would you like to perform with if you could only pick one person, and why?

I’ve been inspired by so many great artists, from Jay-Z to John Coltrane, from Bob Marley to Jimi Hendrix. And if I could perform with anyone? Dead or alive? Dead would probably be Michael Jackson, alive right now would be The Weeknd. 

You’ve got a strong look and you’ve been on the cover of Vogue, tell us more about your modelling pursuits, how did it all start?

I started modeling just for friends who had clothing brands as a kid I’d put their shirts on and they’d take photos for their site. The vogue thing was a street casting where I was just chilling in Washington square park and someone liked my fit. Then I was asked if I’d like to be part of something. I didn’t know what but I said yes haha. Later I found out it was for a fashion show which would be featured on Vogue and other magazines! 

Whose your favourite designer Jerico?

I think Louis Vuitton is my favourite designer because of everything he had to overcome to start and establish such a successful fashion house. 

As modelling and music share similarities, what’s your favourite aspect of the creative industry as a whole?

Honestly, I love seeing ideas turn to things. Like the fact that the things we feel, and imagine, can be made into art that others can experience. And they can feel and interpret it how ever they see fit. It’s amazing to me. 

Manifestation and self-love should be integrated into our lives more, what do you do to maintain your spirit and well-being?

Well first and foremost, I meditate, yoga is also something I’ve been getting into. I write in my journals and do daily reminders on my phone like a video diary haha. I also try to eat as clean as possible as a form of self love, I eat mostly plant based.

What is one message, quote or reminder that you would like to share with our readers?

“Vibrate Higher” don’t let daily bullshit get to you, learn to rise above it and shine through the darkness. But I am not a guru haha. 

Switching it back to the music front now, where did your love for music first come from and when did you first realise it was a career you wanted to pursue?

I loved music for as far as I can remember. I think I was born loving music haha. I always knew I wanted to do something with music as a kid and always made songs in my room for myself. It wasn’t till 3 years ago that I realised I can pursue this seriously and make a living off of it.

What do you hope listeners take away with them when they listen to Yves Saint?

I hope they can take away from it that they’re not alone in their pain. And that it’ll pass. Once we lose something we find that there is more room for what is new. 

Do you have an end goal in mind or something particular you want to achieve as a musician/model?

I would say my end goal is to own a private island and have festivals and fashion events there.


Jerico Island


Written By Connor Mantle

Young entrepreneur and freelance model. Founder of the AW20 Hope & Glory Fashion show, with interests in mythology, spiritualism and astrology among many others. One can be contacted via Instagram @Connormantle

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