Alex Alexander Feat Hazel Releases New Single Body Work

Alex Alexander
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We certainly have a very interesting individual to feature today over on Origins Of CJM.  His name is Alex Alexander and he is a Swedish artist and actor who started out in the industry at the early age of 19 when he toured through Asia, the Middle East, and Europe in bands as the lead singer and guitarist. Alex’s first Spotify release was in 2014 with “She’s A Dynamite” and he has grown from strength to strength over the years with hit singles such as “Everything With You” with 30 Million plus streams, “Won’t Let Go” 28 Million streams and his initial Album “On My Way” which debuted in 2021 and has garnered 20 million streams reaching the charts around the world. Alex also produced and was the lead guitarist with M.Pokora “Danse Avec Moi” which hit top 5 on French radio. Thereafter, Alex delved into the Asian music industry with K-Pop and J-Pop writing the single for Cross Gene – “Shi Tai” hitting the Japanese Billboards on the Orion Chart at number 2 which has since sold over 86,000 units.

As an independent artist, Alex has managed to achieve more than 130 million streams on Spotify alone, been featured on several editorial Spotify playlists, and performed live on Swedish Radio, Pride Main Stage in Canada and Yamaha Music Stage. Before we discuss his latest venture “Body Work”, one very interesting fact you should know about Alex, is that he is also the proud founder of one of the biggest independent record labels in the world, a Swedish, LA-based record label named LoudKult which are pioneering themselves as a tastemaker in EDM music and have themselves featured on leading publications such as Earmilk, Substream and EDM. Although fairly new in the field as they launched in 2018, they are taking the world by storm and proving that with hard work and drive anything is possible. Loudkult’s ambition is to take you to the next level and create a home where you can grow, connect and collaborate with like-minded people and we love individuals that also help others grow.

Now Alex himself is based in Los Angeles, the city of dreams and it’s the perfect place to make a name for yourself and he is doing just that and we certainly can envision his success, especially with his new single “Body Work” which dropped on June 16th 2023 featuring singer/songwriter Hazel.  Body Work is a perfect song to listen to whilst hitting up the gym or going for that much needed hike along the coastline. It has an awesome vibe to it and would certainly lift your spirits.

The pre chorus that goes “Heart stop, I feel you in my veins, one drop, is all I needed tonight” can symbolise many things however for us we find it very encouraging and motivational on the lines of you only need one push/one opportunity/one chance to really make something happen, the start is often the hardest and Alex and Hazel’s song “Body Work” certainly is the motivational song you need to listen to, too enable your body,mind and soul to do that work. Reach for the stars and always aim high.


Alex Alexander


Young entrepreneur and freelance model. Founder of the AW20 Hope & Glory Fashion show, with interests in mythology, spiritualism and astrology among many others. One can be contacted via Instagram @Connormantle

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