Wuzy Bambussy & Kat Harrison Release New Single “Uncharted”

Wuzy Bambussy & Kat Harrison release uncharted
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Wuzy Bambussy is the alter ego of songwriter, producer & multi-instrumentalist Nikolai Jones. Based in the beating heart of Englands’ West country, Jones and his rag tag host of accomplices fire up an eclectic, beatific soundtrack of jazzy vibes, encompassing funk, folk, indie rock & electronica. As of March 2023 Bambussy and Bristolian chanteuse Kat Harrison are planning to release a single every month for the remainder part of the year. A supreme collection of dreamy jazzy alt-pop, indie rock and percussive feel good grooves. All perfectly anchored by Harrisons’ sultry mezzo-soprano and featuring a wealth of orchestral and brass instrumentation throughout

Uncharted is the newest release by the duo which came out on May 31st. Uncharted can be described as a hypnotic groove with whirling fairground organs and dark music hall piano stabs. It’s been viewed as the Mighty Boosh jamming with Madness at a cockney funeral. All voiced by a siren, luring the listener to their fate. Uncharted has you on the deck of a ghost vessel thrown to the winds of chance. For those that are fans of “Escape The Night” especially season 3 which transports the Youtube friends to a carnival of madness in 1978, then this song will play on your heart, it’s mysterious and different and it keeps you wanting more, it’s a great fusion of many genres, mystery and madness.

2 Miles High which was the duo’s first single was added to the April 2023 BBC Introducing Mixtape and was personally discovered & championed by Tom Robinson and we very much hope that fans fall just as much in love with the duo’s latest release “Uncharted” which can be streamed below via Youtube or played on our Spotify playlist “Dark Desire” here.


Wuzy Bambussy 


 Kat Harrison


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