Interview With Professional Golfer And Supa Model Adem Wahbi

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Adem Wahbi is a Generation Z (1999) professional golfer and model with one of the leading modelling agencies Supa Model Management, thanks to Charlie Clark and his incredible team that have led the way to the success of models such as Arthur Gosse, Laurie Harding, Reece King and Tobias Sorensen. We hope they will do the same for Adem, who is currently ranked at number 30 in the world in golf for the disabled.  That placement soon will change though as Adem aims by the close of this year to secure the top spot and show that with mental strength and extreme motivation, there is nothing that you cannot achieve. With such a spirit for success, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to get to know Adem a little bit more with an interview.

Adem, hello! Could you briefly describe what you do and how you got to where you are now?

Hi Origins Of CJM, I’m Adem Wahbi, 23 years old from Belgium with Moroccan roots. I am a professional golfer and a model with cerebral palsy. I basically walk like your dad after 2-3 beers, but I don’t drink. Where I am today I got to because I didn’t allow my disability to stop me.

What, in your opinion, has so far surprised you the most about your career or the modelling industry as a whole?

I feel like it is similar to sport, it is a competition but at the same time it is less pressure and seeing the results is always a pleasure. There is a lot of competition too so you have to stand out and that’s a part I love.

Adem Wahbi

What motivates you the most?

Inspiring people is one of my biggest motivations because I know as a disabled golfer and model a lot of people can be inspired. Unfortunately, when you are disabled you don’t really have anyone to be inspired to that made it in life being disabled.

Adem, have you been a golf lover since you were young? Why did you make the decision to start playing?

I started golf when I was 8. I first tried golf while on holiday in Marrakech. We were young kids between 8-10 years old. For the first time I was beating all the kids of my age in a sport, so I decided to go home and start playing golf.

How did the signing with Supa Model Management come about?

Charlie scouted me on Instagram. I already had some chats with other agencies, but I wasn’t convinced but when I met Charlie and the Supa team the feeling was so good. Supa is not a simple agency where the model is just a name on a board, you’re an artist.

Is there any correlation between modelling and your golf career?

Yes, I started modelling for golf brands and that made me work for other non-golfing brands and golf is all about style so modelling comes up a lot in golf.

Manorsgolf Collection Captured By Photographer Will Beach

Who would you like to compete against if you could only pick one person, and why?

I would say Michael Jordan, because he is more than just a basketball player. He is a mastermind, an artist,… just watch the last dance on Netflix and you will understand.

Going back to your roots how did your childhood shape who you are?

I grew up with lots of different cultures. That made me open easily to other cultures and beliefs. My family never considered me as disabled, so I always did everything like everyone else, that helped me not to feel disabled at all, just different.

What is one message you would like to give readers?

Fake it until you make it.

What city has the best music and why and whose your favourite designer?

The best music is in Paris, Brussels and London. I feel like the music they make is authentic. I mainly listen to Rap and R&b. It is the music that speaks the most to me and my favourite designer is Kiko Kostadinov, he brings something fresh and unique to fashion and his collabs are unique.

To finish off with, what do you feel like you have left to accomplish in Golf?

My biggest goal is to be number one in the disabled world ranking.

Adem Wahbi


Adem Wahbi


Interview By Connor Mantle

Young entrepreneur and freelance model. Founder of the AW20 Hope & Glory Fashion show, with interests in mythology, spiritualism and astrology among many others. One can be contacted via Instagram @Connormantle

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